Wednesday, July 18, 2012


* Syria conflict: Ministers 'killed in suicide attack' Three men at the heart of President Assad's defence team have died in a suicide bombing.

* Israel worried about fallout from Syria bombs The suicide bombing that killed several members of Syrian President Bashar Assad's inner circle "is a 7 on the Richter scale."

* Gaza Church claims Christians kidnapped, forced to convert The Orthodox Christian Church in the Gaza Strip is claiming that a group of armed Islamists kidnapped five Christian Palestinians.

* 20 Nations Boost Defense in Mideast Waterways, Says US In a move to bolster military strength against Iran, 20 nations will stage an anti-mining exercise in Mideast waterways.

* PA Slams A-G for Saying Israeli Law Applies on Temple Mount An Islamic official in Jerusalem said Tuesday that a statement by Israel's Attorney General that Israeli law must be applied to the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex in Jerusalem is a "violation against Muslims and Palestinians.""

* Afghanistan: Taliban bomb destroys 22 Nato fuel tankers A bomb planted by the Taliban in northern Afghanistan has destroyed 22 Nato fuel tankers carrying supplies to coalition forces.

* Persian-Language Cyber Attacks on Iran Dubbed 'Muslim Messiah' An Israeli security firm says an ongoing cyber attack aimed mainly at Iran uses Persian language communications and is named after Mahdi, the "Muslim Messiah."

* 'Dr. Doom' Predicts 'Bad' Will Get Worse The world economy has slowly come out of the global financial crisis.

* Christian MK calls for legal action against Ben-Ari Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein should press incitement charges against MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) for tearing a New Testament and throwing it in the trash.

* At least five killed in attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria At least seven people were killed in an attack on an Israeli tour bus at the Sarafovo International Airport in the Bulgarian vacation city of Bourgas.