Monday, May 14, 2012


* Leading Egypt candidate calls 'racist' Israel a threat A leading Islamist candidate in Egypt's presidential election has branded Israel a "racist state" and said a shared 1979 peace treaty was "a national security threat" that should be revised.

* EU: Israel's policies in the West Bank endanger two-state solution Foreign Ministers list settler violence, settlement expansion and house demolitions as detrimental to peace process; Israel says report is biased and one-sided.

* Israel fears nuclear deal between Iran, world powers as Baghdad talks draw near Israel fears ‘intermediate agreement’ between Islamic Republic and world powers on May 23 could cancel option of military strike.

* 'First Gay President': Newsweek marks Obama's landmark announcement with controversial cover Magazine attempts to trump rival Time in battle for eye-catching image

* New IAF chief warns enemies not to test Israel Major-General Amir Eshel assumes command of the Israel Air Force, says military is ready for any possible scenario.

* Egypt brokers Palestinian hunger strike deal Palestinian source says Egypt concluded deal to resolve prisoner crisis, including Israeli acceptance of prisoners' demands.

* Light-powered bionic eye invented to help restore sight A retinal implant - or bionic eye - which is powered by light has been invented by scientists at Stanford University in California.

* Shares fall amid Greek political uncertainty Shares are down on both sides of the Atlantic as Greece's continuing political uncertainty undermines confidence.

* African-American Church Leaders Condemn Obama For Gay Marriage Support Just days after President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, pastors and priests around Maryland took to their own pulpits with their reaction - and in some cases - condemnation of the president.

* Family Battle Offers Look Inside Lavish TV Ministry For 39 years, the Trinity Broadcasting Network has urged viewers to give generously and reap the Lord’s bounty in return.