Saturday, January 29, 2011


* Egypt protests: Mubarak names Omar Suleiman as VP Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak has named intelligence chief Omar Suleiman as his first ever vice-president as he struggles to regain control of the country.

* Iran Sees Rise of Islamic Hard-Liners Hopeful that the protests sweeping Arab lands may create an opening for hard-line Islamic forces, conservatives in Iran are taking deep satisfaction in the events in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.

* Top cleric: Mubarak, go away! The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brothers movement and one of the world's most prominent Sunni clerics is urging Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to leave Egypt.

* Egyptian Civil Strife Sends Oil Close To $100 On Suez Canal Fears Investors have their eyes on Egypt as civil unrest in the North African country has progressively escalated into a full blown crisis with international repercussions.

* Israeli intelligence: Hizbullah to control Lebanon but will avoid official role Officials said the intelligence community has concluded that Iran was restraining Hizbullah and ordering it to maintain a low profile in the next government.

* Israel fears radical takeover in Egypt A fundamental change of government in Egypt may lead to a "revolution in Israel's security doctrine."

* EU 'troubled' by Egypt, but will keep paying aid The European Union has described repression of pro-democracy demonstrators in Egypt as "deeply troubling".

* Lebanon's tension abates as eyes turn to Egypt Stand with your back to the city of Beirut and stare out into the dull-blue waters of the eastern Mediterranean and some trick of the light makes it appear that the great container ships on the horizon are utterly still.

* Looting engulfs Cairo, other Egyptian cities Cairo residents boarded up homes and set up neighborhood watches armed with guns, clubs and knives Saturday as looting engulfed the capital.

* PA officials express concern over events in Egypt Palestinian Authority officials in the West Bank expressed concern over the current events in Egypt.