Friday, October 25, 2019


Top Hamas Official: Israel Planning to Build Third Temple At a Parliament meeting in the Gaza Strip, Hamas MP Ahmed Abu Khaliya decried the "disturbances" of "Zionists" in the al-Aqsa mosque and their "desecration" of it Arutz Sheva reports.

Don't be surprised, Donald Trump will recognize a sovereign Kurdish State The media had gone ballistic, attacking US President Donald Trump over his decision to allow Turkey to take control of Syrian lands occupied by the Kurds.

Despite loveless marriage, NATO to keep Turkey close The U.S.-led NATO alliance has resolved to maintain military support for its ally Turkey despite anger over its operation in Syria and its ensuing border deal with Russia, five senior diplomats said.

Putin and Trump set to clash as Russia and US wade in on Egypt row Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump could clash once more as tensions boil over in Africa with Moscow-ally Egypt ramping up war talk amid key summit in Russia.

Russian Forces Flood Kurdish Cities in Syria Russian ground troops and military vehicles poured into key Syrian Kurdish cities on Wednesday and Thursday as part of Russia's deal with Turkey to conduct joint patrols of the "safe zone" they are establishing along the Turkey-Syria border, and also to prevent Turkey from attacking deeper into Syria.

Macron Blocked EU's Decision to Delay Brexit for Three Months French President Emmanuel Macron blocked the European Union's attempt to delay Brexit for three months, raising the prospect the U.K. might not know whether it will get an extension until just hours before it is scheduled to be ejected on Oct. 31, even without a deal.

'If Israel continues attacking, there'll be conflict with Iran' 'Iran decided not to keep quiet about Israel's attacks anymore,' News 13 analyst Zvi Yehezkeli says.

Putin's Middle East? Every now and then, the door of history seems to swing open in some contested part of the world, if only by a crack.

Turkey's Nuisance Value Turkey's value for the West is not about the good it can offer but the evil it might choose not to spread.

Russia's 'secret weapon' for winning influence in Africa - and it's not what you might think Russia's efforts to boost its influence in Africa, which was highlighted at this week's summit in Sochi, is not only about arms, nuclear power and investment deals, but also about the less tangible things.