Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Just Like Obama, Trump's Russia Policy Speaks Louder Than His Words Following Monday's summit in Helsinki, many American pundits and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle criticized President Trump for what they perceived as his failure to hold Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable for interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

In battle for Putin's affections, cupid favors Xi over Trump In the race to woo Vladimir Putin, China's Xi Jinping is beating Donald Trump.

The Impact on India of the Collapse of the Iran Nuclear Deal EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The withdrawal of the US from the Iran nuclear deal is likely to deal a blow to India's strategic investments in energy-rich Iran and land-locked Afghanistan as the Chinese strategic footprint there grows.

How the World Really Views Israel The nations of the world want to know what Israel knows and have what Israel has -- whether they have formal diplomatic relations with Jerusalem or not.

Trump and Putin Promised Israel Security. Someone Tell Iran. Trump and Putin suggested in Helsinki they're working to assure Israel's security, but Iran hasn't gotten the message.

Watch: This Tisha B'Av - the people are ready Temple Institute: It is time to transform the mourning over the past into preparation for the future - the rebuilding of the Holy Temple.

Jerusalem Mufti Warns That Israeli Excavations 'Endanger' Al-Aksa The mufti claimed that Israel was carrying out excavation works at the Umayyad palaces, under the northern part of the Islamic Museum, which is located west of al-Aksa Mosque.

'Earthquakes are an attempt to destroy Al-Aqsa mosque' Jordanian journalist claims Israel created recent earthquakes in order to destroy mosque, church.

State Comptroller warns: 'Major earthquake would kill 7,000, destroy bridges' State Comptroller finds Israel only partially prepared for major earthquake, which would have devastating consequences.

Is it time to do away with Tisha B'Av? So here I am, sitting in my car, crawling at a snail's pace in the midst of a traffic jam on Begin Boulevard, the cross-Jerusalem highway. Around me are hundreds of frustrated drivers.