Monday, June 07, 2021


 Hamas Chief Denies Israel Destroyed Tunnel Network, Says Next War Will ‘Reshape’ Mideast Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar over the weekend said his terror group had only shown half its strength during the recent 11-day war with Israel, but still claimed to turn Tel Aviv “into a rag.”

Is Egypt planning to retake control of the Gaza Strip? Entry of construction equipment first time Egypt has deployed in the coastal enclave it used to rule until 1967.

The Long History, and High Costs, of Palestinian Intifadas For Palestinian leaders who choose to promote them, intifadas are often self-defeating.

Israeli Police Bar Right-Wing March Through Jerusalem's Old City Israeli far right groups scrapped a planned march through Jerusalem's Old City after police refused to authorise it amid fears it would rekindle strife that led to 11 days of intense fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants last month.

Security officials concerned postponed Jerusalem Day march could 'set the area alight' May 10 event was canceled after the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip fired rockets toward Jerusalem.

Iran hopes Russia and China oppose US role in MidEast, Central Asia “The main goal of the United States in the Middle East and Central Asia at the moment is to create problems for strong political and economic partnerships,” an article in Iranian media noted.

Biden and the Ayatollah's Game Plan [I]n dealing with the mullahs it is appeasement that encourages war.

Egypt infuriates Israel, lets Hamas rearm for a fresh round of rocket aggression With Hamas threats pouring out at the rate of one a day, Israel’s military charges Egypt’s General Intelligence chief Gen. Abbas Kamal of playing a double game when he brokered the ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas, endorsed by the US and Qatar.

New ‘Rainbow Index of Churches in Europe’ measures ‘LGBT inclusivity’ of Christian denominations The first “Rainbow Index of Churches in Europe in 2020” (RICE 2020) that ranks Christian church groups in Europe by their “LGBTI inclusivity” was released in April.

REPORT: Biden State Dept Refusing Term 'Abraham Accords' A recent report claims the Biden administration has instructed its State Department to refrain from using the term “Abraham Accords.”