Tuesday, August 09, 2011


* Tisha Be'av: A day of fasting and lament Tisha Be'av, one of Judaism's two full fast days along with Yom Kippur, is traditionally the date in the Jewish calendar on which the First and Second Temples were destroyed.

* Iran Backs Lebanon's Claims on Israel Gas Find Iran has bolstered the Lebanese and Hizbullah threat to go to war over their claims on huge gas fields discovered by Israel off the Haifa coast.

* Syria unrest: Turkey to demand end to Assad's crackdown Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he is running out of patience over "the savagery" of Syria's security forces towards protesters.

* Parliament recalled to tackle riots - David Cameron The government's emergency committee Cobra met on Tuesday after rioting spread across London, with violence flaring in other major cities.

* Arab states to head UN in September Two Arab states will head the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly in September.

* 66th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima It was a day in history that the world has never forgotten.

* Markets extend falls despite Obama reassurances In points terms, the Dow ended down 635 to 10,810, its biggest one-day decline since October 2008, and the sixth largest on record.

* Asian stocks tumble amid European woes China’s economy remains strong, according to fresh economic data out on Tuesday, even as Asian stocks tumbled in reaction to European and American troubles.

* Al-Sadr warns US forces to leave Iraq A powerful anti-American Shiite cleric called Tuesday on U.S. troops in Iraq to leave the country and go back to their families or risk more attacks.

* In a Jerusalem tunnel, a glimpse of an ancient war The excavation of an ancient drainage tunnel beneath Jerusalem has yielded a sword, oil lamps, pots and coins abandoned during a war here 2,000 years ago.