Saturday, May 01, 2021


 For ultra-Orthodox Jews, a new tragedy after a year of terrible loss ‘The joy of our heart has ceased, our dancing has turned into mourning,’ says a Haredi newspaper headline plucked from the book of Lamentations.

Jerusalem escalation could be how Israel's next war starts - analysis It is important to understand that this timeline is similar to how tensions grew in 2014 and other cycles that led to tensions in Gaza and Jerusalem.

Abbas “salutes” Arab rioters in Jerusalem; Fatah promotes “intifada” against Jews Abbas said this at a meeting in the Fatah Movement Central Committee, and his statement was published by the official PA daily.

Arab Knesset Member Caught Promoting Intifada, Calling to Raise 'Palestinian' Flag Over Temple Munt Joint List head MK Ayman Odeh uploaded a post in Arabic to his official Facebook page on Sunday calling for intifada and praising Arab youth for their role in the recent violent clashes in Jerusalem.

Canceling election, Nakba Day and Ramadan could cause eruption - analysis The most immediate milestone could arise if Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas calls off the election for the Palestinian Legislative Council.

How Iran’s Militia Proxies Could Threaten Israel From These Four Countries If tensions between the State of Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran deteriorate into an all-out war, the former could face Iran-backed militia proxy attacks from up to four regional countries.

How Iraq Is Balancing the Saudi-Iran Rivalry While maintaining good relations with its Iranian neighbor and top energy provider is strategic, Baghdad also sees the potential a stronger U.S.-Iraq and Iraq-Gulf relationship could deliver.

EU moves to stop funding Palestinian terrorists, inciting textbooks The new guideline doubles down on the European Parliament’s commitment to prevent EU donations from ending up in the hands of terrorists, by calling for proactive recovery of funds.

Iran army chief threatens to ‘teach Israel a good lesson’ after tanker targeted Mohammad Bagheri warns of military response, implies Israel behind attack on Iranian vessel off Syria, amid sky-high tensions and talks over renewing nuclear deal

Betrayed: Christian missionary family unmasked in Jerusalem The first time doubt crept in was when one of the sons made a few remarks about Jesus at school; all the dominoes fell from there.

Prominent Evangelist Banned From American Airlines After Preaching, No Reason or Recourse As big tech continues its crackdown on conservative blogs, our days on these platforms are numbered. Please subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on gab so that we can continue to stay in touch with you.