Saturday, September 19, 2015


Syrian army reversals spook Russia into hasty military build-up For Putin, Russia's bolstered military assistance in Syria is a potential diplomatic trump card and a handy way of diverting attention from Ukraine's frozen conflict.

Rouhani: Iranian 'Death to America' chants aimed at US policies, not American people In preview of interview with CBS's "60 Minutes," Iranian president says his nation's people "are not looking for war with any country."

'It's a matter of time until ISIS in Sinai attempts terror attack against Israel' Commander of IDF battalion that operates on Egyptian border says Egypt will succeed in putting down ISIS within two years, but the group will attempt to strike Israel beforehand.

Challenges and opportunities: Israel in the new year Israel faces growing challenges in the coming year: Mending relations with the US, fighting off Palestinian bids for statehood and the constant threat of Iran and its proxies - but there are also plenty of opportunities.

Military source: Syrian army starts using new weapons from Russia The source described the weapons as highly accurate and effective.

Abbas Calls for Violence Against Jewish 'Filth' on Temple Mount PA chairman praises 'martyrs' spilling blood in Jerusalem, calls to stop Jews from 'defiling Al-Aqsa Mosque with their filthy feet.'

EU urges calm on Temple Mount as Iran demands Muslim summit Tehran says Arab states must 'condemn aggression of Zionist regime,' while European bloc calls for restraint after clashes.

Christian filmmaker aims to raise awareness about Muslim persecution of Christians "The ethnic and religious purging of Christians today is exactly like Hitler's ethnic cleansing of Jews in WWII," [film director Peter] Spencer said. "True Christians are today obligated to rescue the perishing from the blades of [the Islamic State]."

Hamas: Israeli actions on Temple Mount are 'declaration of war' As violence spills over into third day, Islamist group calls on world to rein in Israel 'before the situation explodes'.

Refugee crisis prompts snap EU summit EU leaders will hold an emergency summit on the migrant crisis on Wednesday (23 September), amid crackdowns on EU borders and disagreement on how to share 120,000 refugees.