Wednesday, July 17, 2013


* Apocalyptic Threats Cannot be Hoped Away: Iranian Nukes Must be Stopped President Obama's Middle East policy has been an ever-worsening train wreck because it lacks credibility and strategy.

* Netanyahu to press EU to freeze directive on settlement ban Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu hopes to convince the EU not to formally publicize on Friday the new EU guidelines on settlements.

* Elkin: Israel won't give in to EU pressure Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin on Wednesday declared that Israel will not succumb to European pressure.

* When Europe demanded Israel surrender the Western Wall The European Union's new directive banning any cooperation with Israeli institutions over the Green Line isn't new, and is actually being implemented for Israel's benefit, according to the office of the EU's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

* German police lead European raid on neo-Nazi terrorist suspects Police raided premises in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands on Wednesday seeking evidence of planned terrorist attacks by a far-right group calling itself the "Werewolf Squad".

* Hundreds of Jews denied entry to Temple Mount after riot threats Politicians responded with outrage and bitter disappointment Tuesday morning after being denied entry - along with hundreds of rank and file Jews and Christians – to the Temple Mount on Tisha Be'av.

* China smartphone owners swell number of internet users China now has 591 million internet users, according to the latest official figures from the country.

* Nasutoceratops: 'Big-nose, horn-face' dinosaur described An unusual new species of dinosaur, unearthed from the deserts of Utah, has been described by scientists.

* Do You Know Where You'll Be 285 Days From Now At 2 P.M.? These Data-Masters Do Would you like to know how crowded your drive to the beach will be in three weeks? Or where your ex will be on a Friday night next month so that you can avoid him?

* First Time Since 6-Day War: Egypt Helicopter Over Gaza One Egyptian army officer died and five soldiers were wounded Wednesday in ongoing battles with Arab terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula.