Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Century's longest 'blood moon' stokes doomsday fears Celestial event triggers apocalyptic predictions from Evangelicals linking the lunar eclipse to the US Jerusalem embassy move.

Iraq is finally taking action as protests and public dissent continue to build A lump sum of $15 million is being extracted from the Iraqi government's emergency budget for crisis containment solutions - specifically regarding the out of control protests and widespread chaos currently engulfing southern Iraq.

Special Report: How Iraq's agricultural heartland is dying of thirst One day in June, a giant irrigation pump deep in the Mosul Dam Lake sputtered briefly into life.

How BBC radio programmes misled by adding one letter and a plural "Settlements are communities established by Israel on land occupied in the 1967 Middle East war."

Wave of the future: Over half the newest immigrants are under 17 Over half of Wednesday's newest immigrants are children, and 35% of the immigrants will reside in Israel's periphery.

Western Wall not about to crumble, experts say after stone comes crashing down Hebrew University academics emphasize that while constant monitoring and a early warning system are necessary, the monumental Herodian-era site should stay open to the public.

PA: What is "Zionist ISIS-ism"? Israeli MPs visiting the Temple Mount Jewish Israeli MPs "defile" Muslim holy sites, says Abbas' antisemitic advisor: Allowing Israeli MPs to visit the Temple Mount is "Zionist ISIS-ism"

Arab Media Claims Israel Wielding the Forces of Nature in War Against Islam In addition to its military prowess, some Arab journalists are now telling their readers that Israel is wielding the very forces of nature in its supposed war against the Muslim world.

Palestinian Authority Silences Students By targeting Palestinian journalists and university students, the Palestinian Authority shows that it has turned the territories under its control into a dictatorship that systematically grinds public freedoms into the ground.

The Third Temple and the Messianic Era: What's the connection? Interview with the head of Machon Shilo, Rabbi David Bar-Hayim.