Thursday, June 28, 2018


Trump and Putin will meet July 16 in Helsinki, Washington and Moscow announce President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet on July 16 in Helsinki, both of their governments announced Thursday, setting the stage for a high-profile attempt to soothe tensions between the United States and Russia.

Ingredients for life discovered gushing out of Saturn's moon Last fall, as NASA's celebrated Cassini spacecraft spiraled toward its final, fatal descent into Saturn's clouds, astrochemist Morgan Cable couldn't help but shed a tear for the school-bus-size orbiter, which became a victim of its own success.

Israel Readies Nuclear Reactors for a Hezbollah or Iranian Missile Strike Israel says it has had to beef up protection for two of its nuclear reactors, as they are missile targets for Iran and Hezbollah.

Putin eyes Mideast role for Russia Having left the Iran nuclear deal in early May, the Trump administration's Iranian policy is taking shape.

Scientist Recalculates Time Till End-Of-Days The Hebrew calendar year 6,000, 222 years from now, marks the end of the age of the Messiah but scientist Saul Kullook, has calculated a different date, potentially bringing redemption much closer.

Trump Reportedly 'Green Lights' Israeli Attacks on Iranian Forces When US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin get together on July 15, the primarily topic of discussion will be Syria. In particular, the removal of Iranian forces from Syria.

Some European Government Officials Fear That If Merkel Falls, Europe Falls BERLIN - The European Union would risk spinning toward chaos and into the hands of anti-liberal and nationalist forces if Angela Merkel loses power in Germany, senior officials and diplomats at the highest level of Europe's governments fear.

The Bible, Secularism, and Anti-Semitism EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Anti-Semitism is the most insidious hatred in history.

As Merkel teeters, Austria's Kurz seizes the moment as Europe's 'rock star of the new right' By 24, Sebastian Kurz was a member of the Austrian Cabinet.

Thousands of Swedes voluntarily getting microchipped - here's why Thousands of Swedish citizens have had microchips implanted into their bodies over the past few years, in a growing trend that the country's institutions have increasingly embraced.