Wednesday, May 28, 2008


* 'Barak cannot determine who will head Kadima and who won't' A source in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office sharply criticized Defense Minister Ehud Barak's call that Olmert resign following the investigations against him.

* Historic China-Taiwan summit held The head of Taiwan's ruling party has met Chinese President Hu Jintao in the highest-level encounter since the two sides split in 1949.

* 'Political crisis will harm peace talks' The political crisis in Israel will harm the peace process with the Palestinians.

* US 'close' to Iraq military deal The US government is close to reaching an agreement with the Iraqi government over its long term military role in the country.

* Iran warns it won't cooperate with IAEA Iran's new parliament speaker Ali Larijani warned Wednesday that Teheran could impose new limits on its cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog.

* British PM warns of global oil 'shock' British Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned Wednesday that the world faced an era-defining oil "shock" that required urgent action.

* Israel's not so secret nuclear arsenal Controversial ex-U.S. President Jimmy Carter has weighed into the Middle East foray again by publicly stating that Israel has 150 nuclear weapons.

* Turkey calls for good behaviour from France Ankara has said that the reluctance of some member states to clearly say that it can one day be a full member of the EU is having a negative impact on the bloc's image in the country.

* Siniora to head Lebanon government Lebanon's new president has appointed Fouad Siniora, the incumbent prime minister, as head of a government of national unity.

* Assad dismisses Israel demands over Iran Syrian President Bashar Assad dismissed on Tuesday Israeli demands for Syria to abandon an alliance with Iran as a requirement for a peace deal.