Saturday, August 11, 2018


Hamas Arrested Salafi Cell Suspected Of Grad Missile Launch There are Salafi people in all of the Palestinian factions that are recognized as "light."

Residents Of Gaza Border Communities Fatigued By Endless Cycle Of Violence Sderot’s 24,000 people were victim to rocket strikes Wednesday.

'There is no deterrence. Go to war now' Former IDF chief says terror organizations like Hamas will only be deterred by threats to their existence after 180 rockets fired at Israel.

The Next Syria Showdown The Syrian civil war is over, and the next phase begins now.

Battle Against Christians On Temple Mount It is well-known that Jews are restricted from praying on the Temple Mount but a recent encounter illustrated how Christians who revere the site are treated in the same roughshod manner by the Waqf (Islamic Religious Authority).

Thousands in Hevron for Forefathers' celebration The entire Tomb of Forefathers and Mothers is open to Jews for the Celebration of the Forefathers and Mothers and Erev Rosh Hodesh.

China: We Might Help Assad with the War in Syria Direct military assistance from China would mark a dramatic shift in Middle East geopolitics.

Europe: Prayer in Public Spaces A few months ago, a global media tempest erupted after Polish Catholics held a mass public prayer event across the country.

COMMENTARY: The Welsh Revival and Love for Israel, Part I Amid great expectancy of a renewed outpouring of the Spirit in the land of revivals, my wife and I were profoundly blessed and stirred by a recent visit to Wales.

Will Europe end like the Roman republic? Invaded by barbarian tribes, culturally impotent and with a collapsed family structure, Europe was ready for defeat when Rome fell - as it is now.