Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Islamic cleric: Don't call it the Western Wall Head of the Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem says there's not a single rock at the Western Wall which is connected to Jewish history.

Israeli Justice Minister: Trump Peace Plan 'Calls for Palestinian State' U.S. President Donald Trump's soon-to-be announced Middle East peace plan will call on Israel to "turn over large swaths of land in Judea and Samaria to the Palestinian Authority, and will lead to the establishment of Palestinian State."

'There will be no peace without 1967 lands' Palestinian Arab organizations meeting in Moscow claim that resistance against Israel in all its forms is not "terrorism".

"There is an Israeli Auschwitz to massacre Palestinians" - Senior Fatah official condemns Warsaw Conference Warsaw Conference is "a plan to carry out a 'holocaust' against this [Palestinian] cause".

Dutch Textbook says Jerusalem is Holy to Muslims, Christians, not Jews Likoed Nederland, a pro-Israel group, called the book a form of "historical falsification."

Shin Bet: Al-Aqsa TV used on-air signals to help Hamas coordinate terror attacks Security service says Gaza terror group tried to recruit Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem who have Israeli ID cards to conduct attacks, including a planned suicide bus bombing.

'Unite to not to lose', Russia's Lavrov calls on Hamas and Fatah Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with Palestinian parties, including Hamas and Fatah factions, amid a three-day intra-Palestinian meeting which began in Moscow aimed at unifying 12 different Palestinian movements and organisations.

Muslim Influence is Declining in Turkey The results of a survey released by Konda research have made it clear Turkey is going towards a more secular future.

Israeli leader hopes summit brings Arab ties out in the open This week's Mideast conference in Poland offers Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an opportunity to flaunt in public what he has long boasted about happening behind the scenes his country's improved relations with Arab countries.

Vatican's homophobic hypocrisy: 80 percent of priests are gay, explosive book reveals Around 80 percent of Vatican priests are gay, according to a new book which details alleged secret relationships, male prostitutes and stunning hypocrisy from the most anti-gay members of upper echelons of the Catholic Church.