Tuesday, January 12, 2016


* China overhauls top military command amid sweeping reforms - China has replaced four departments of the Central Military Commission (CMC) with 15 new agencies, in a move intended to make the top command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) more flexible and efficient.

* Russia supports both Assad troops and rebels in battle against ISIS - Russia supports Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces and will back anti-Assad rebels as long as they are fighting Islamic State, Putin said.

* ISIS Followers Plan to Take over Gaza Strip - A new group calling itself the Palestinian Islamic Army (PIA) has popped up in the Gaza Strip, signaling incontrovertibly the growing influence of the Islamic State (ISIS) among Palestinians.

* Turkey: "ISIS suicide bomber" kills 10 in Istanbul Sultanahmet district - A suspected member of the Islamic State (IS) group has killed 10 people, at least eight of them German tourists, in a suicide bomb attack in the Turkish city of Istanbul, officials say.

* Senior defense adviser: Israel worried for Jordan's stability as ISIS encroaches - "There is no doubt that ISIS is trying to penetrate (Jordan)," says Amos Gilad.

* Report: ISIS obsessed with launching 9/11-style attack using weaponized drones - A British thinktank warns commercially-available drones can easily be weaponized and used by terror groups.

* 600 Jews encircle the Temple Mount in prayer - Revived 1,000-year-old tradition gets a boost with hundreds of French seminary girls, holding Jewish new month prayers at each gate.

* Merkel: euro and open borders "directly linked" - Open borders and the eurozone are “directly linked”, German chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday in response to the largest refugee crisis Europe has faced since World War II.

* ISIS Shifts to Libya After Strikes in Syria - Jihadists travel to Libya more easily than Syria, Iraq.

* Iran: U.S. to Lift Sanctions in a "Few Days" - Republicans pushing last-minute effort to block release of billions.