Saturday, November 09, 2019


Berlin Wall anniversary: Merkel warns democracy is not 'self-evident' German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned against taking democracy for granted, at a ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall.

Neither the US nor Israel knows for sure when Iran will have a nuclear weapon The predictions of US Secretary of State and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday, Nov. 7 that Iran may have a nuclear weapon within a year were more an expression of concern over the reactivation of the under Fordow enrichment site than a forecast based on solid data.

US races Russia for military positions in NE Syria, including new air bases Exclusive: A large influx of US troops is entering northeastern Syria this month to counter new Russian plans.

Jerusalem: Israel approves controversial Old City cable car plan A controversial plan to build a cable car network in Jerusalem's Old City to transport visitors to one of Judaism's holiest sites has been approved by Israel's housing cabinet.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Agitates for Violence in the Gaza Strip Israel seeks to prevent a powder keg from detonating on the southern border as it prioritizes the more threatening front up north.

Leading Democrats Call for Conditioning Military Aid to Israel Three leading Democratic presidential candidates recently endorsed a new policy regarding U.S. military aid to Israel: It should be conditioned on Israel embracing policies toward the Palestinians favored by American progressives.

Germany: Statue of Ronald Reagan Unveiled to Mark Fall of Berlin Wall The U.S. Embassy in Berlin unveiled a statue of Ronald Reagan on Friday at a site overlooking the location of the former president’s iconic speech imploring the Soviet Union to remove the Berlin Wall.

'Iran is a threat to the whole world - time to wake up' 'Europe, quit stalling and take action!' says Netanyahu, vowing that Israel will never let Iran acquire nuclear weapons.

China – not Iran – is the real reason US troops will never leave Iraq Recent developments suggest that the US and its allies have become increasingly wary of China’s expanding influence inside Iraq, even while Washington continuously points out the threat supposedly posed by Iran instead.

The forgotten mass destruction of Jewish homes during ‘Kristallnacht’ While accounts of the 1938 pogrom have focused largely on the ravaging of synagogues and stores, the attacks on houses destroyed the last refuge for Jews amid rising discrimination.