Thursday, November 01, 2018


Russia Warns of 'Provocation' in Syria, Hints at Israeli 'Hot Heads' Defense Ministry briefing warns against provocations in south and north Syria and condemns US role in eastern Syria.

Russian Defense Ministry Issues Veiled Israel Warning The Russian Defense Ministry has issued a veiled warning to Israel that it should not attempt any "provocative actions" in Syria, as Russia completes its transfer of T-300 anti-aircraft missile systems and Polyana D-4 air defense systems to the Syrian Army.

Russia-Israel crisis deepens after latest IAF strike in Syria Analysis: Even after the Russian plane's downing, Israel attacked in Syria again.

Defense Ministry to advance plan for Jewish apartment building in Hebron New legal opinion apparently sees Jewish ownership trumping longstanding Palestinian protected tenancy in flashpoint West Bank city.

Jerusalem Cable Car to City of David Plan Submitted to Infrastructure Committee In the context of a significant increase in tourism to Jerusalem over the past two years, a cable car plan designed to address the problem of traffic and accessibility in the southeastern basin of the Old City was submitted to the National Infrastructure Committee on Monday, October 29.

What will the next Hezbollah-Israel War look like? The report describes three phenomena which will make the next conflict profoundly worse than recent wars Israel has fought.

Fatah supports Islamic edict prohibiting land sales to "enemies" Those who sell land to "the occupation" are "the occupation's contemptible agents" and "bats of the night"

Macron's strategist says goal is to reshape fracturing EU politics Europe's fragmenting political landscape is an opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to blow apart Brussels' traditional left-right duopoly in next year's European election, the newly appointed head of the French president's EU campaign said.

Life Returning Slowly to Christian Homeland in Iraq "Something specific occurred here that requires a specific response."

Shadow Wars: Iran Hit by Computer Virus as Israel Stays Silent A malicious computer virus similar to Stuxnet but "more violent, more advanced and more sophisticated" has brought upheaval to Iran's internal infrastructure, an Israeli TV report said Wednesday.