Monday, January 18, 2016


Netanyahu, US envoy trade jabs over 'two-standards' of law in West Bank  Dan Shapiro says DC is 'concerned and perplexed' by settlement policy. 

Iran condemns new US sanctions over missile test  Iran has denounced new sanctions imposed by the US over its ballistic missile programme. 

Historic Global Economic Depression Underway: French Bank Analyst Albert Edwards  Albert Edwards, an analyst from french bank Societe Generale, predicts global deflation is going to wipe out 75 percent of the value from the S&P 500. 

Islamic State kidnaps 400 civilians in Deir al-Zor  Syria's state news agency reports massacre by ISIS during terror organization's attacks on the city, at least 300 people killed, including women and children. 

IDF chief of staff: Sanctions relief means more Iranian cash for Hezbollah  Hamas Hezbollah now receiving billion dollars a year from Tehran; sanctions relief will see increase; warns: No intelligence alerts us to knife terrorism. 

'Heroic' Palestinians Stab Israeli Mother, Pregnant Woman  Palestinian Arab terrorists, so often described as 'heroic' by Palestinian leaders and media, demonstrated their tremendous bravery this week by stabbing a petite, defenseless Israeli mother and a pregnant Jewish woman. 

Oil price steadies after falling below $28 a barrel  The oil price has recovered slightly after earlier falling below $28 a barrel, as Opec predicts crude will mount a recovery this year. 

The next step in the EU boycott of Judea and Samaria  The EU is set to limit all agreements with Israel, and to apply them to outside of Judea and Samaria only. 

'Practically impossible' to integrate Muslim refugees  Czech President says Muslim refugees do not share a common culture. 'Let them have their culture and not bring it to Europe'. 

Iran's Commitment to Shia in the Region  The West does not seem to appreciate the intensity of Iran's commitment to its Shi'ite cousins in Syria.