Tuesday, August 18, 2015


* Islamic call on rich countries to end fossil fuel use - Islamic environmental and religious leaders have called on rich countries and oil producing nations to end fossil fuel use by 2050.

Abbas's Fatah Asks Iran for Money to Destroy Israel - Fatah terrorists show Iranian TV a terror tunnel from Gaza into Israel, demand money to ramp up attacks and 'liberate Palestine.'

* Iranian official: Tehran to sign deal with Russia for advanced S-300 missile system next week - Russia had previously agreed to ban the sale under pressure from the US; Israel has pushed Moscow not to send the advanced weapons system to Iran.

* ISIS calls Erdogan infidel, urges followers to conquer Istanbul - "He opened Turkey's airbases to crusaders and their jets to kill the Muslims in Islamic State," group charges.

* Space age Tower of Babel: Canadian company patents 20km lift to heavens - A towering structure rising 20 kilometers into the air with its top in the sky may sound like something out of an Old Testament passage or science fiction novel, but a Canadian space company has proposed just that to cut the costs of space exploration.

* PLO official: Iran considering appointing ambassador to State of Palestine - Ahmed Majdalani discussed possibility of Iran's ambassador to Amman serving as a non-resident ambassador to Palestine with Iranian FM Zarif.

* Huckabee: Shoah Survivors Hugged Me for 'Oven' Statement - On visit to Shiloh, in Samaria, Republican presidential hopeful says the US is 'raising the white flag' in its deal with Iran.

* Obama's An Anti-Semite, Charges US Presidential Candidate - As was to be expected, the fate and future of tiny Israel has become a central issue in the upcoming presidential election in the world’s leading superpower, America.

* EU urges both sides to stop shelling in Ukraine - The EU foreign service has urged both sides to stop ceasefire violations in Ukraine, in a situation described as “explosive” by Germany.

* Netanyahu to immigrants: This land is your land - The group of Olim, who departed from John F. Kennedy airport in New York, include 59 lone soldiers, 29 families, and 86 singles.