Wednesday, October 24, 2012


* Iran's Sanction Battle Plan: Halting Oil Exports Altogether Iran struck back at Western sanctions against it, saying that if the sanctions continued it would stop producing oil altogether.

* IAF Strikes in Gaza Three Times in One Night IAF aircraft hit Gaza-based terror squads three times in one night, following continuous rocket fire.

* Vatican denies deal with Israel on security barrier Local church leaders deny report IDF planning to build fence on its land in Cremisan Valley so that it could remain on Israeli territory.

* Haniyeh: Qatari visit marks end of Gaza isolation Hamas leader declares end of "unjust siege" as first visit by head of state to Gaza Strip since 2007 draws fire from PA, Israel.

* Jordanian security concerned over rising terrorism Amman's fears of spillover violence from Syria grow following death of Jordanian soldier killed in clashes with militants.

* Hamas worried as Egypt closes tunnels Zahar calls for Gaza to become a free trade zone with Egypt after the shutting down of smuggling tunnels.

* Muslim Leader: Muslims Need to 'Liberate' Jerusalem Sheikh Raed Salah calls the Muslim world to work toward the liberation of Jerusalem from "the Israeli occupation."

* Nine killed in attacks on Baghdad Shia districts At least nine people have been killed in car bomb and mortar attacks in predominantly Shia districts of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, officials say.

* US urges Lebanon stability amid escalating tensions The US warned that a power vacuum would pose a great risk to Lebanon's political stability.

* Rebels battle Assad's forces for gateway to north Syria Syrian rebels are battling to seize an army base close to the main north-south highway and say its capture would be a big step towards creating a "safe zone" allowing them to focus on Bashar al-Assad's southern strongholds.