Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Israeli Kids Counter 'Terror Kites' With 'Peace Balloons' Israeli children (and their parents) living in the region adjacent to the Gaza Strip did something extraordinary on the weekend in response to ongoing Palestinian attacks on their communities.

Syrian Army Steps Up Attacks in Southwest, Jordan Concerned An offensive in the southwest would risk a major escalation of the seven-year-old war.

'IDF ready for ground war in Gaza if Hamas continues attacks' Israeli security officials say Hamas escalations could spark new ground war in Gaza.

The Three-State Solution Given Gaza's sharp deterioration over the past 25 years - under the PA's rule (1994-2007) and then under Hamas' - it is time to consider a new paradigm for resolving the Strip's endemic predicament.

IDF Vows to Return Security of Southern Israel After Night Rocket Salvo Some 45 rockets and mortars were fired toward Israeli communities between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. A mortar shell landed in the yard of a kindergarten in the Eshkol Regional Council.

US Quits UNHRC Over 'Chronic Bias' Against Israel US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday that the US is pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council, citing the world body's "chronic" bias against Israel as one of the primary factors for the withdrawal.

On defence, the EU is shooting everyone in the foot In a speech on security cooperation earlier this month Brexit Secretary David Davis neatly summed up Brussels' intransigence when he said the EU was "shooting itself in the foot just to prove the gun works".

Turkey: Erdogan's "Holy War" Obsession When non-Muslims deny Muslim minorities the rights that Muslim-majority countries systematically deny non-Muslim minorities, extremist Muslims in Turkey seem to have the habit of threatening non-Muslim lands with holy war.

The Jekyll & Hyde Israel-Jordan Relationship Despite ups and downs, at the political level the two nations share "bon voisinage," or good neighborliness.

Thanksgiving Concert to Recall Blessing of Creation The nascent Sanhedrin and the Mikdash (Temple) Educational Center has announced a special concert to be held in Jerusalem, gathering voices from around the world to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the world.