Thursday, April 16, 2020


Pro-Israel Group Warns Israeli Leaders That West Bank Annexation Would Damage US-Israel Alliance A pro-Israel group is warning Israeli leaders that reports of planned annexations of parts of the West Bank would cause "long-term damage" to the U.S.-Israel alliance.

Blue and White: We will pass anti-Netanyahu bill if no agreement by Monday Rivlin hands mandate to Knesset, bypassing Netanyahu. says he doesn’t see possibility of forming a govt, hopes Knesset members can form majority to prevent fourth elections.

Russia is about to face its biggest test yet in Syria Assad has been loyal to Putin, and Putin to Assad, but the Syrian people are growing poorer by the day.

The Quds Force Commander's Visit to Iraq The recent visit to Iraq by the new Quds Force commander, Esmail Qaani, had several purposes: to display the continuity of Tehran's involvement in the country, to rally the Shiite factions against the formation of a pro-US government by Adnan Zurfi, and to enable Qaani to stake a claim as a worthy successor to Qassem Soleimani.

Iranian Health Ministry Sponsors Coronavirus Cartoon Contest with Antisemitic Submissions The Iranian Health Ministry took a break from lying about how many people have died in Iran from the Wuhan virus to sponsor a "We Defeat Corona" cartoon contest, which reportedly received over 4,200 submissions from entrants in 88 countries - including the source of the pandemic, China.

Photo Surfaces of W.H.O. Chief Meeting Chinese Officials with Shiva: Hindu 'God of Destruction' A photo posted to Twitter over one year ago by the head of the World Health Organization appears benign at first glance but a closer look reveals that the image depicts a meeting between the WHO and a Chinese organization focused on the domination of global markets.

Pakistan: Christians yet again denied food aid, coronavirus relief distribution for Muslims only Jihad Watch reports Christians forced to make Islamic profession of faith to get food aid.

The EU Has Failed Europe over Coronavirus All the evidence suggests that the majority of European governments are ignoring the EU's advice, and acting unilaterally to tackle the impact of the pandemic on their citizens.

Volcanic activity worldwide 15 Apr 2020: Stromboli volcano, Klyuchevskoy, Popocatepetl, Semeru, Duk... A new lava flow has started to descend on the Sciara del Fuoco since this morning, INGV Catania reported.

Poll: Israeli patriotism at height even during pandemic The reactions of those surveyed scored consistently high, conveying optimism and hope.