Friday, September 04, 2015


* The future American Jew: Orthodox, fruitful and Republican The rise of Orthodoxy within the American Jewish community is to change the profile of US Jews in several ways, an analysis of a groundbreaking 2013 Pew survey revealed last week.

* Report: Female Islamist Extremists Banned from Temple Mount Israeli authorities on Thursday distributed a list of 40 Arab women who are banned from entering the Temple Mount, local sources told the Bethlehem-based Arab news agency Ma'an.

* ISIS to Temple Mount - 'Barbaric' Islamist War on Antiquities Thursday saw the 16th annual conference of archaeological experts convene in Jerusalem's City of David.

* WATCH: New video shows ISIS in Sinai likely has advanced Russian weapons A new video produced by ISIS's Wilayat Sinai branch in the Sinai Peninsula released on Wednesday reveals that the group has new sophisticated weaponry, which it hopes to use to launch a war against Israel.

* Armed terror drones to be part of future wars, defense analyst tells 'Post' The prospect of Israel having to deal with armed, hostile, attack drones capable of firing rockets or small missiles at Israeli targets while flying over Lebanon or even Gaza is growing.

* New EU proposal to relocate 160,000 asylum seekers The European Commission plans to redistribute 160,000 asylum seekers arriving in Greece, Italy, and Hungary among other member states.

* Saudi king to meet Obama amid concerns over Iran deal King Salman of Saudi Arabia is to meet President Barack Obama in Washington, on his first trip to the United States since assuming the throne in January.

* Migrant crisis: Hungary migrants start walk to border A group of about 1,000 migrants stuck at a Budapest railway station for days have set off on foot, saying they intend to walk to the Austrian border.

* IS forces Syrian Christians to pledge to abide by Islamic rules, pay special tax The Islamic State group is forcing Christians in the Syrian territory it controls to sign a contract for dhimma (non-Muslims), restricting external expressions of their faith and agreeing to pay a jizya tax levied on those who do not follow Islam.

* UN expected to easily pass resolution allowing Palestinian flag to fly at New York HQ The UN General assembly is likely to adopt a resolution next week that would allow the Palestinian flag to be raised at the United Nations in time for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' visit to New York.