Saturday, November 03, 2018


'We're prepared to use force if Gaza situation blows up' Senior Israeli diplomatic official says Israel prefers to exhaust efforts to reach Gaza ceasefire but is also ready to act if talks fail.

Netanyahu Rebukes ‘Hostile’ E.U. Ahead of Bulgaria Trip The European Union’s “hypocritical and hostile attitude” towards Israel was called out by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday as he left for talks with four eastern European leaders in Bulgaria.

Netanyahu in Europe: Strengthen the Saudis despite Khashoggi Israeli PM, first foreign leader to be invited to Craiova Forum, uses pulpit to urge change in EU's Mideast policy.

Jamal Khashoggi murder: What is Turkey's game with Saudi Arabia? Type "Erdogan slams…" into Google and the list is endless - the UN, the EU, Israel, French intellectuals, the Netherlands, Germany. 

Israel takes part in US-led exercise in Ukraine against S-300s, hooks up with US-Kiev ties ThAt a high point in the interplay of US-Russian rivalries between Syria and Ukraine, Israeli jets were discovered taking part in a Western air drill in Ukraine.

Who will succeed Mahmoud Abbas? Mahmoud Abbas is almost 83, a heavy smoker, and a very sick man; although no one knows when he intends to retire, the battle over his many roles and titles is already heating up behind the scenes; these are the top contenders to replace him.

France To Offer Its Own Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan If U.S. Fails Experts contend that any viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be multilateral in scope, though such a strategy appears unlikely at present.

Life Returning Slowly to Christian Homeland in Iraq Christians are gradually returning to their historic homeland in northern Iraq, after three years of ISIS occupation.

Analyst says 'New Age' beliefs more popular as fewer Americans follow traditional religions The growing popularity of "New Age" beliefs likely stems in part from fewer Americans following traditional religions, according to political analyst Ruy Teixeira.

The end of GOD? Claims humans will ‘worship AI Messiah’ HUMANS will worship at the altar of an Artificially Intelligent God, it has been claimed.