Monday, July 15, 2013


Muslim Brotherhood suspends Ramadan, Egypt inches toward war The leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood on Monday ruled that pious Muslims are permitted to break the fast of Ramadan in order to take part in the "jihad" to regain control of the country.

Arab TV stations air anti-Semitic show over Ramadan After fast, viewers get to sit down and watch 'Khaiber,' a historic drama rife with negative Jewish stereotypes.

Muslim Extremists Force Jews From Temple Mount Hundreds of pilgrims forced from Judaism's holiest site by Muslim mob. Activist: "Police failed to carry out their duties again".

Israel Increases Pressure on U.S. to Act on Iran Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ramped up pressure on the White House on Sunday to put the buildup of Iran's nuclear program ahead of other crises in the Middle East, complaining of a lack of urgency on the issue and saying that the Obama administration must demonstrate 'by actio' to Iran's newly elected president that 'the military option which is on the table is truly on the table.'

One third of Israeli Jews want Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem, poll finds Right-wing organizations devoted to the Temple Mount are buoyed by a new poll they commissioned finding that 30 percent of Israeli Jews support rebuilding the Jewish Temple on the site.

Fanta Corrects 'Mistake," Puts Israel Back on Site A threatened boycott of Fanta products succeeded in convincing the company to acknowledge Israel's existence.

MK Feiglin: Let Me Pray Maverick MK fights for religious freedom, challenges authorities' use of vague "security concerns" to limit Jewish prayer on Temple Mount.

Hamas Testing Missiles That Can Reach Jerusalem Gaza's Hamas rulers are testing locally-produced M75 missiles, according to military sources.

Outrage as Culprit in Hevron Massacre to Manage Holy Site MK Yariv Levin calls to suspend all agreements with PA regarding Cave of Machpela until appointment of Taysir Abu Sneina is cancelled.

Netanyahu to Iran: We will attack if necessary Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned in an interview with American media on Sunday that Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities in the very near future if such action is deemed necessary.