Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Up Against the Wall: Revisiting the 1967 Liberation of Jerusalem The 1967 victory renewed the spirit of the festivals of pilgrimage.

Ramadan: "A Month of Great Conquests" "Ramadan has been not only a month of worship and of growing close to Allah the Almighty, but also a month of action and jihad aimed at spreading this great religion..."

REPORT: After Iranian Elections, Tehran-Hamas ties warming up Relations between the two sides have been tense since the beginning of the conflict in Syria in 2011.

VIDEO: 2000-Year-Old Jerusalem's Main Street Sheds New Light on the City's Last Hours Jerusalem Day has prompted Israel Antiquities Authority to release more information on the excavations of the City of David.

CNN's W. Kamau Bell: Islam Part of America's Founding Aside from some interesting vignettes, the program is left-wing, anti-Trump propaganda that firmly establishes the network's political bias.

State Dept: China Has Realized Need to Rein in North Korea On Friday a senior U.S. State Department official said China has realized it has limited time to rein in North Korea's nuclear program through negotiations and is open to further sanctions against Pyongyang.