Tuesday, April 26, 2016


EXCLUSIVE - Islamic Scholar Claims Jews 'Fabricated' Ties to Temple Mount  Ignoring the historical record and mainstream archeological evidence, an Islamic scholar tied to Hamas and speaking during a Breitbart Jerusalem exclusive interview, completely denied Jewish ties to the Temple Mount, considered the holiest site in Judaism. 

Think Tank Outlines Possible Scenarios for Russian Collapse  Report: Russia beset by 'growing economic woes, crumbling infrastructure, and warring elites'. 

White House says it will offer largest military package in US history  After 83 US senators send a letter to the White House, urging President Obama to sign a military aid deal with Israel, White House official says, 'We are prepared to sign an MOU with Israel that would constitute largest single military pledge' in US history. 

Turkey's parliament speaker calls for Islamic constitution  Move adds to concerns over creeping Islamization, 'eroding secular values' under Erdogan government. 

Saudi Arabia aims to become major weapons producer  With oil prices at 10-year lows and chilly relations with US, Islamic kingdom to bolster economy, achieve military independence from West. 

Noah's Ark replica could travel to Brazil this year  A massive replica of Noah's ark could travel from the Netherlands to Brazil this year. 

Report: Israel hunting chemical-armed ISIS terrorists in Golan  Israeli intelligence agencies in a race against time against ISIS cell located on Syrian side of the border, according to report. 

US intel chief: ISIS expanding in Europe, readying for attacks  US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warns ISIS cells similar to those in France and Belgium present in UK, Germany, Italy. 

ANALYSIS: The cloudy future of Israel's nuclear reactor  It's a "catch 22"- The very thing that could ultimately afford Israel the tools to build a new reactor would also prevent it from using the reactor as a nuclear deterrent.