Friday, February 25, 2011


* 'Gadhafi may use chemical, biological weapons against Libya unrest' Libyan Leader Muammar Gadhafi may resort to using biological and chemical weapons as a last resort.

* Quartet attempts to revive peace talks Envoys from the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia are hoping to hold separate meetings with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators to try to revive peace talks.

* 4 nuclear sites found in Syria Syria established four additional nuclear facilities aside from the one bombed by Israel in 2007.

* China Rattled by Middle Eastern Events Coverage of the tumultuous events in the Middle East in the official Chinese press has gone through a few iterations.

* Africa shock to cause 'sea change' in EU foreign policy The European Commission has promised a "sea change" to the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).

* Arab Revolutions May Yet Yield Positive Results One of the things that Israelis fear most about the recent uprisings in the Arab world is the possibility that Islamist radicals or other violent militant groups could step into the vacuum.

* Egypt Mediating between 'Twin Terrors' Hamas and Fatah The Egyptian effort to mediate between Hamas and Fatah has resumed.

* U.S. Trying to Pick Winners in New Mideast As the Obama administration grapples with a cascade of uprisings in the Middle East, it has come to a stark recognition: the region's monarchs are likely to survive; its presidents are more likely to fall.

* Libya's Crisis: Bad News for Oil Prices, Economic Recovery Even before its outcome is known, Libya's uprising could leave an indelible mark on the world economy: oil prices have rocketed since Tuesday and could rise even further.

* 6 killed as Iraqis protest in 'Day of Rage' Thousands marched on government buildings and clashed with security forces in cities across Iraq on Friday.