Friday, August 17, 2018


Thousands of Gazans rally near border amid reports of imminent truce  One killed, around 100 said injured in violent clashes with IDF; incendiary balloon sparks fire near kibbutz; defense officials say events are test of Hamas's intent to ensure calm.

ANALYSIS: Long-term Truce Between Hamas and Israel Doomed to Fail After several days of relative quiet in the Gaza belt Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas- via mediation by Egypt, the United Nations, and the United States- are again trying to negotiate a long-term truce which would restore the understandings reached after the 2014 summer-war.

Hezbollah is a terror group. The West needs to wake up Hezbollah's announcement of its impending "victory" in Syria may be a reaction against US sanctions against Iran, but the threat it poses is no less real.

Hezbollah's role evolving in Syria as Assad nears victory As President Bashar al-Assad's regime consolidates its control over much of Syria - appearing ready to launch an offensive against Idlib, the last major insurgency stronghold - observers are wondering what the end to the war will mean for Hezbollah's involvement there in the wake of Assad's seemingly impending victory?

Tel Aviv Diary: Why would Netanyahu increase Israel's defense budget? It has been a beautiful summer in Tel Aviv. As opposed to much of the world, the weather here remained moderate for most of the summer (with typical highs around 85 and lows around 75.)

Former Mossad Chief reveals Revolutionary plan for defeating Hezbollah In his second solo interview, as part of this extended profile by The Jerusalem Post, Pardo elaborated at length about what was an unheard-of idea until this week.

2 million Muslims expected in Mecca this week for increasingly hi-tech hajj Saudi authorities use technology and apps to overcome logistical challenges, helping pilgrims with everything from travel plans to medical care.

The Machiavellian Opponents of the Nation State Law EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The public debate attending the Nation State Law is a clear indicator of Israel's vibrant democracy and an illustration of the freedom of expression that characterizes the Israeli state of mind.

Abbas says Palestinian flag should not be raised in Tel Aviv Arab and Druze community leaders who met with PA president say he warned waving banner 'antagonizes Jews, does not advance peace'.

Thousands Ask for Forgiveness at Western Wall The Hebrew month of Elul, is one in which the entire Jewish people prepare for the coming High Holy Days.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Holy Prayer is Holier in Israel During Elul, the 12th month of the Jewish calendar that leads to the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, prayer becomes evermore important to the Jewish people.

Trump Middle East peace plan won't please Israel or Palestinians, U.S. officials warn The team working on President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan has said neither Israelis nor Palestinians would be happy with the proposal.

Trump: Both Israelis and Palestinians Will Have to Give Something Up for Peace The Trump Administration is still not revealing the details of its long-awaited Middle East peace plan, but did say on Wednesday that neither Israel nor the Palestinians would be "fully pleased" with the proposal.

US ambassador tells Israeli MK 'no reason to evacuate settlements' in peace deal Yehudah Glick says remark was made by David Friedman during sit-down at Jerusalem embassy, as settler leaders presented him with Israeli-Palestinian economic ventures.

Hamas: Western Wall belongs to Muslims Hamas newspaper claims Western Wall is Islamic, claims 'war crimes' committed 'against' it.

In Islam, Jerusalem is not Mecca When the time for the Muslim prayer came, Omar declined the invitation by Sophronius, the patriarch of Jerusalem, to pray inside the Church and instead prayed outside.

The crumbling skeleton of the Islamic State rattles on for now It has been estimated that there are 20,000 to 30,000 Islamic State militants still in Syria and Iraq, according to the U.N.'s latest report.

Analysis: The Islamic State's push for a new caliphate New reports suggest the terror group is recovering in Iraq and Syria; Khorasan Province is eyeing a new caliphate in Afghanistan.

It's all about eliminationism There is two-stage subversion project at work against Israel and its Zionist-base ideology. The first stage seeks to cozy up, in a sense, and to equalize, falsely, two movements: Zionism and Palestinianism.

Fewest Number of Israelis Emigrating Since 1990 The rate at which Israelis are emigrating has reached an almost three-decade low. According to numbers published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) this week, approximately 15,200 Israelis left the country in 2016 for a year or more, the lowest number since at least 1990.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Hezbollah Chief Claims Terrorist Group Stronger than IDF, Ready for War In a televised address marking the 12th anniversary of the end of the 34-day Second Lebanon War with Israel in 2006, Hezbollah general secretary Hassan Nasrallah boasted that his forces were stronger than the Israeli army and prepared for a fresh war with Israel.

Israel's Top Military Strategist Talks War and Peace A retired general and former national security adviser in nearly every Middle Eastern state would live in paranoia and luxury, with servants, bodyguards, hangers-on, and a few odd state or army-owned business interests to keep them busy behind the high walls of their compound.

Russia exerts growing clout in Middle East as it begins patrols in Golan Heights Russian military police have begun patrolling the demilitarised zone between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights, highlighting Moscow's increasing clout as a Middle Eastern power broker following its intervention in the civil war there.

The Assad Regime Returns to the Golan EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Assad regime's recapture of the Syrian Golan Heights is advantageous to Israel, in light of the Israeli-Russian understanding to predicate the situation there on the May 1974 disengagement.

Gideon's Shield: This is How Israel Will Defeat Hezbollah Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah boasted on Tuesday that his organization's military is now stronger even than the vaunted Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Report: Turkish Court Rejects Appeal to Free Detained U.S. Pastor A fresh appeal to free U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson, whose continued detention has sparked a diplomatic spat between Turkey and the United States, was rejected Wednesday.

Iran sentences couple for 'orientation toward the land of Christianity' Jeff King, the president of Washington, DC-based International Christian Concern, told 'The Jerusalem Post' on Friday that each member of the congregation was sentenced to a year in prison.

What next for Sudan after Bashir's nomination for a third term? Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir's insistence on holding on to power will have grave consequences for his country.

Political source: No deal with Hamas without return of captives Cabinet reportedly refuses ceasefire with Hamas unless bodies of soldiers and civilian captives returned to Israel.

'Warriors: Our most important resource' 47 officers from Ground Forces graduate Tactical Command College. 'College develops winning commanders who are exemplary figures.'

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Israel tops list of most powerful countries The Jewish state beats European nations in new report.

Senior Israeli Minister: Israel Closer Than Ever to Ousting Hamas TEL AVIV - Israel could oust the Gaza-ruling Hamas, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Sunday as a report emerged that the terror group's leaders were in the IDF's crosshairs.

IS conflict: Up to 30,000 fighters in Syria and Iraq - UN Between 20,000 and 30,000 Islamic State (IS) militants remain in Syria and Iraq despite the group's recent losses, according to a United Nations report.

Palestinians (Again) Try to Get Israel Kicked Out of the UN The Gaza border region is finally quiet, but the diplomatic war between Israel and the Palestinians is still raging.

Israeli official: Agreement with Hamas is almost ready Israeli official says five-year peace agreement giving Hamas airport, seaport, is 'virtually' ready.

Why is Nobody Talking about the Union for the Mediterranean? The EU countries involved in the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) appear unbothered by promoting "integration" -- or even claiming "a common heritage" -- with countries such as Mauritania, where, according to recent reports, up to 20% of the population (Haratines and other Afro-Mauritanian groups) is enslaved, and anti-slavery activists are regularly tortured and detained.

Support for two-state solution at lowest in nearly 20 years - poll 43% of Palestinians and Israeli Jews back the two-state solution; last year, the Palestinian figure was 52% and the Jewish figure was 47%.

Islamist organization: Join forces against Israel Senior member of extremist Islamist organization calls on Arab armies to unite their forces against Israel.

Russia to help restore UN patrols near Syria-Israel frontier The Russian military said Tuesday that its forces in Syria will help U.N. peacekeepers fully restore patrols along the frontier with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, reflecting Moscow's deepening role in mediating between the decades-old foes.

How Can Amalek be Identified Today? Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a prominent Israeli mystic, gave a sermon that was published on Sunday. In it, he referred to Hamas as "he seed of Amalek."

Monday, August 13, 2018


Iran unveils new short-range fateh ballistic missile The latest Fateh missile called the Al-Mobeen or "The Divine Conquest."

'The Palestinians' goal is to wipe Israel off the map' Deputy Minister Michael Oren blasts PA's demand to expel Israel from the UN over the Nationality Law.

PM threatens snap elections if no solution found to IDF Draft Law During coalition leaders meeting, Netanyahu gives ultimatum to call elections within two weeks in event that government fails to swiftly resolve coalition dispute over conscripting Haredim into the IDF, which for months has divided the government.

Israeli-Palestinian support for 2 states at 20 years low, poll says The data is "the lowest in more than a decade, when a steady decline in support began, and the lowest in almost two decades of joint Palestinian-Israeli survey research."

Israel's Great Weakness: An Attack on Its Nuclear Reactors? Israel's nuclear establishment has been conducting drills simulating attacks against the country's two nuclear reactors.

Have The Temple Vessels Been Located? After nearly a decade of writing, the remarkable story of one man's quest to decipher the ancient map leading to the gold and silver Temple vessels is being published.

Controversial Nation-State Law Echoes The Bible Despite the fact that it created a swirl of political controversy, the recent passage of the nation-state law in the Israeli Knesset is seen by many Bible-based Jews and Christians as affirming the Biblical connection between the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.

Israel seeks early re-tender of mining rights to shore up Dead Sea While government has rarely intervened in operations of biggest extractor, matters are about to change as Israel seeks to re-tender mining concessions as much as eight years ahead of schedule.

UN Enabling Hamas's War Machine This ceasefire initiative is rather disturbing: it requires no meaningful concessions on the part of Hamas.

The reason Turkey's economic collapse is so scary is that Iran, Russia, and Syria are waiting in the wings Lots of things are going wrong in Turkey at once, driven by the collapse of its currency, the lira.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Hamas Arrested Salafi Cell Suspected Of Grad Missile Launch There are Salafi people in all of the Palestinian factions that are recognized as "light."

Residents Of Gaza Border Communities Fatigued By Endless Cycle Of Violence Sderot’s 24,000 people were victim to rocket strikes Wednesday.

'There is no deterrence. Go to war now' Former IDF chief says terror organizations like Hamas will only be deterred by threats to their existence after 180 rockets fired at Israel.

The Next Syria Showdown The Syrian civil war is over, and the next phase begins now.

Battle Against Christians On Temple Mount It is well-known that Jews are restricted from praying on the Temple Mount but a recent encounter illustrated how Christians who revere the site are treated in the same roughshod manner by the Waqf (Islamic Religious Authority).

Thousands in Hevron for Forefathers' celebration The entire Tomb of Forefathers and Mothers is open to Jews for the Celebration of the Forefathers and Mothers and Erev Rosh Hodesh.

China: We Might Help Assad with the War in Syria Direct military assistance from China would mark a dramatic shift in Middle East geopolitics.

Europe: Prayer in Public Spaces A few months ago, a global media tempest erupted after Polish Catholics held a mass public prayer event across the country.

COMMENTARY: The Welsh Revival and Love for Israel, Part I Amid great expectancy of a renewed outpouring of the Spirit in the land of revivals, my wife and I were profoundly blessed and stirred by a recent visit to Wales.

Will Europe end like the Roman republic? Invaded by barbarian tribes, culturally impotent and with a collapsed family structure, Europe was ready for defeat when Rome fell - as it is now.

Friday, August 10, 2018


"Hamas must understand - Israel is not weak" Yossi Kuperwasser claims that Israel needs to send the message that there’s a “price to pay."

Israel’s Southern Mayors Decry Hamas Ceasefire Hamas sources claimed an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Israel and Hamas went into effect at 10:45 p.m. Thursday, but Israeli sources have yet to confirm this.

ANALYSIS: What's Behind the Latest Escalation in Israel's South? The situation in southern Israel deteriorated significantly Wednesday night after Hamas started to pound the Israeli towns and communities in the Gaza belt with 180 rockets and mortar shells.

Sweden's Government Funds Anti-Semitism As major Swedish cities such as Malmö have become known as places where Jews are threatened, anti-Semitism in Sweden has attracted international attention.

2.4 Million Tourists Came To Israel So Far In 2018, Ministry Says The ministry of tourism said in a statement that the number of tourists is 46 percent more than in 2016, almost double the number of tourists that entered during the same period that year.

Celebrating 40 years of the rebirth of Shilo 2,000 attend celebrations marking 40th anniversary of establishment of Shiloh in Binyamin, where the Tabernacle and the Holy Ark once stood.

Is Russia Ready For Another War? Libya And Yemen Leaders Ask For Vladimir Putin's Help Leaders of influential armed movements in Libya and Yemen have appealed for Russian intervention to solve the crises that have ravaged their respective countries in the wake of a regional uprising years ago.

Goldman Sachs sees orderly Brexit with PM May getting deal through parliament Goldman Sachs sees Prime Minister Theresa May clinching a Brexit deal on access to European Union markets for goods and getting it approved by the British parliament, though it cautioned that a disorderly exit and national election remained possible.

What Does Traditional Judaism Teach About Non-Jews? As we debate the pros and cons of the Nation-State Law and analyze whether changes should be made to it, we should take these traditional Jewish values to heart.

Why Your Jordan Bucket List Shouldn’t End at Petra A bedrock in a famous region, Jordan contains ancient ruins and cultural treasures that go far beyond its most famous attraction.

Trump's 'Arab NATO' faces skepticism, commitment issues President Trump’s plan to bring America’s top Arab Middle East allies to the White House this fall in a bid to forge a military alliance against Iran and radical terrorism groups has the potential to transform the military balance in one of the world’s most unstable regions — if the putative allies can find a way to get along.

Thursday, August 09, 2018


Israel Pounds Hamas After 19 Injured In Rocket Barrage, One Critical The Israel Air Force retaliated by striking targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening after 19 people were treated for injuries resulting form rocket attacks from Gaza against southern Israel.

Gaza official says this round of escalation is 'over' Half an hour after air raid sirens sound in Israel, Gaza official says escalation is 'over.'

After 150 Hamas rockets, IDF high command weighs full-scale operation against Hamas The IDF General Command conferred Wednesday night, Aug. 8, on a full-scale military operation against Hamas after it launched a non-stop barrage of 150 rockets against Israel.

IDF says war in Gaza approaching, communities near Strip could be evacuated Senior military officials say many troops will be sent to southern front after Palestinian terrorists launch more than 150 rockets, mortar shells overnight.

IDF Officer: War With Gaza is Close A senior IDF officer told Army Radio on Thursday morning that he saw a new full-scale war with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip as inevitable.

To The Brink Of War: How Hamas And Israel Got Here Hamas says it wants Israel to end the 10-year blockade of Gaza and to ease up restrictions on goods flowing to the strip.

Hamas Blackmail, Media Silence Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip, says it wants Israel and Egypt to keep the border crossings with its coastal territory open on a permanent basis.

How Assad, ISIS, and the Russians Cooperated to Carry Out a Massacre The slaughter in the Druze region of Syria cost hundreds of lives last month. 

Senior US Navy officials say Russian and Chinese subs are now operating near America’s east coast In March, Russian state-owned media outlets made a surprising announcement: a new documentary series had entered into production that promised to tell the story of Russian nuclear attack submarine commanders sneaking their vessels into American harbors.

Let My People Pray At The Temple Mount — It Will Teach Palestinians A Lesson This past Wednesday, I ascended to the Temple Mount, as I have done many scores of times, and, following the police security check, was permitted to enter the compound Muslims call the Haram A-Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Hamas-Israel truce would be like a 'painkiller, not an antibiotic,' say observers All of the economic benefits being offered to Gaza as part of a package deal-an improvement in the water and electricity supplies, the construction of a seaport, the cancellation of debts owed by the Hamas government, a relaxation of the Israeli security blockade-hinge on an agreement.

Russia and Israel reach understanding on Golan border line Israel's ambassador to Russia said Israel insisted on the full withdrawal of Iranian troops from Syria.

Brace yourselves: The next Israeli election is on the way Tuesday night's Supreme Court ruling requiring the Knesset to pass a new law to draft yeshiva students made it very likely that Israel's next election will take place in early 2019.

EU skips over Israel EU plans connecting Judea and Samaria to Gaza airports, sea, and railways without informing Israel; Minister Katz rejects plan out of hand.

Liberman warns Assad planning to rebuild large Syrian army after civil war Defense minister also praises Trump's reimposition of Iran sanctions, saying Tehran was using relief provided by nuke deal not to support its economy but rather to fund terror.

Fractured union: Israel has all but given up on the EU Netanyahu increasingly considers ties with Brussels a 'lost cause,' believing he can reap same benefits by improving relations with individual member states. Many Israelis agree.

Christian heartland opens window into fight for China's soul The 62-year-old Chinese shopkeeper had waited nearly his entire adult life to see his dream of building a church come true - a brick house with a sunny courtyard and spacious hall with room for 200 believers.

This is the impact of the EU on trade We live in an era of increasing doubts about the benefits of trade openness among the general public and policymakers, as evidenced by the spread of anti-globalisation political platforms in Western countries.

Local Christians Spar Over Israel Declaring Itself the 'Jewish State' Israel's new Nation-State Law has been the source of both local and global condemnation.

Rare 2,200-year-old earring a goldmine for scholars of Hellenistic-era Jerusalem Gold filigree animal-headed jewelry item illuminates an opaque era of Jerusalem's history -- and may reset ancient city borders.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Seeking 'WORLD PEACE,' Trump says US won't trade with those who trade with Iran Saying he's reimposed 'most biting sanctions ever' on Islamic Republic, US president tweets: 'I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!'

Israeli minister says 'good chance' Iran will renegotiate nuclear deal Gilad Erdan slams 'morally bankrupt' EU for trying to salvage accord; Israeli intelligence community said optimistic that new sanctions will force major change in Tehran.

Bolton: Blocking Strait of Hormuz will be Iran's 'worst mistake' -instead it must 'come to table' Closing the Strait of Hormuz would be the biggest mistake Iran has ever made, the US president's national security advisor John Bolton said.

Ehud Barak attacks:'Bennett and Shaked threaten future of Zionism' Former DM: 'Vision of Jewish Home with man and woman heading it is racist and messianic, with their rabbis Lior and Ginsburgh.'

Despite US sanctions, Tehran steps up quest for dialogue with Trump administration A key sentence signaled Tehran's quest for diplomacy in Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's bitter diatribe over re-imposed sanctions on Monday, Aug. 6.

Israel and Gaza may be on the verge of war. It could be worse than in the past. "I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen a full-blown war yet," one expert said.

Hamas: Israel won't be able to sleep in peace Terror group says peace agreement may fail if Israel eliminates terrorists who fire at IDF soldiers.

Turkey intends to reopen consulates in Iraqi-Kurdistan On Friday last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that his nation planned to reopen their consulates located in two of Iraq's largest cities.

Britain Is Preparing For a 'No Deal' Brexit Before Britain's 2016 referendum on membership of the European Union, Britain's then-prime minister David Cameron adamantly refused to make plans for what his government would do if the country voted to leave.

Christian Millennials Visit Israel, Realize Media's Been Lying to Them An international group of millennials have seen the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a new light after engaging with both sides - and being shocked by what they discovered.

Monday, August 06, 2018


Jerusalem Mayor issues wake-up call to Europe Nir Barkat addresses heads of European countries calling on them to join Israel and fight terrorism before it reaches their countries.

Majority of Palestinians oppose Trump's Peace Plan, Oslo Accords The survey found that if presidential elections were held in which only Abbas and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh ran, 35.3% said they would vote for Abbas, while 19.3% said they would vote for Haniyeh.

Uproar Over Israel's Definition of Itself Crosses Ethnic Lines It's taken a backlash by Israel's staunchest Arab supporters to spark one of the biggest outpourings of discontent with the Netanyahu government in years.

European Union 'deeply' regrets return of US sanctions on Iran Diplomatic chief Mogherini, along with foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany, says multi-nation alliance will work to keep 'financial channels' with Tehran open.

Hamas discusses battle-readiness in response to Israeli pessimism Amid talks on a proposed ceasefire deal mediated by the UN and Egypt, Hamas leaders hold a meeting to discuss a possible military conflict with Israel, following the Israeli Security Cabinet statement Sunday that 'the IDF is prepared for any scenario.'

"Be Cursed Forever": Extremist Persecution of Christians, January 2018 "Nigeria security has declared war against Christians in this country." - Pastor Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa, executive director of Voice of Northern Christian Movement, Nigeria.

What would happen if Britain left the EU with no deal? BREXIT is due to happen on March 29th 2019, two years after Theresa May invoked Article 50, the withdrawal provision of the EU treaty.

Do latest Corbyn disclosures show the rift in Labour now too wide to bridge? As opposition leader's unapologetic supporters entrench themselves despite yet more anti-Semitism allegations, it's hard to see how his hard left and Labour's centrists can coexist.

Matteo Salvini: Can Italy trust this man? Standing smoking in his green puffer jacket, Matteo Salvini blended in with his bodyguards and aides.

Return of the Biblical Harp After more than 2,000 years, the prophetic sound David's harp is heard once again in Jerusalem. When the Third Temple is rebuilt, these biblical harps will return, to be used in Jewish worship.

Saturday, August 04, 2018


Fatah Warns Hamas Against Reaching Truce Accord With Israel The warning came amid unconfirmed reports that Israel and Hamas were close to reaching a long-term truce agreement.

ANALYSIS: Have Iranian forces withdrawn from the Israeli border in Syria? On Monday, the pro-Assad coalition in Syria finally finished off the last pockets of Islamist resistance along the Israeli border on the Golan Heights after a six-week-long campaign which included the ‘liberation’ of the Daraa and Kuneitra provinces in southwest Syria.

Iranian protesters blame their government, not US, for failing economy Religious school attacked near Tehran as opponents slam regime; rial has slipped to record lows ahead of sanctions restarting Monday after Washington pulled out of nuke deal.

Corbyn under fire again for ‘vague, meaningless’ article against anti-Semitism Observant Jews unable to respond to opinion piece published by UK Labour leader just before start of Sabbath; critics note he appears to have copied section from earlier article.

Trump Readies Mideast Team for Peace Plan Rollout U.S. officials say the Trump administration is staffing up a Middle East policy team at the White House in anticipation of unveiling its long awaited but largely mysterious Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

Israel entrusts its North Front security to Russia, Gaza – to indirect US intervention Hamas has burned to a cinder more than 35,000 dunams of flourishing Israeli land – half the area of Tel Aviv, the whole of Beersheba – since launching its “March of Return” on March 31.

Will Imran Khan Change Pakistan's Relations With Israel? Khan married the British socialite Jemima Goldsmith in 1995. Goldsmith is not Jewish, but has ethnic Jewish roots and recounts being “made familiar with Jewish tradition."

UN report: North Korea cooperates militarily with Syria, tries to sell weapons to Middle East groups A confidential UN report reveals that North Korea has not stopped its nuclear, missile program in violations of UN sanctions.

IDF strikes second Gaza cell launching incendiary balloons The military says it targeted two separate groups in the northern and southern parts of the Palestinian enclave.

Friday, August 03, 2018


Iran's $100 million aid to Hamas and Islamic Jihad Analysis: While aid to Hamas and Islamic Jihad is only a tenth of the funds to Hezbollah, the budget for the Lebanese organization was reduced this year amid economic hardship in Iran, but that of the Gaza terror groups remained the same.

PA attacks US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman On July 30, 2018, US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, visited the grieving widow of Yotam Ovadia, who was murdered four days prior by a 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist, Tareq Dar Yusuf.

Iran's Naval Exercise Threatens Strategic Straits of Hormuz The tensions come as Israel warned it will oppose any Iranian attempt to block the Bab al-Mandab straits at the south end of the Red Sea.

Let Putin and Russia rebuild Syria. U.S. taxpayers shouldn't foot the bill The civil war in Syria is continuing, though at a less intensive pace, but it has been abundantly clear for months that President Bashar Assad and his government have won.

Russia's 8 military Golan positions - problematic for Israeli security. Hizballah creeps ever closer The Russian decision to set up 8 military positions along the Syrian-Israeli Golan border will impede rather than help consolidate security on Israel's northern front - in more ways than one.

Annual Pride Parade Takes Over Jerusalem Participants in the Jerusalem parade congregated in Liberty Bell Park amid heavy security, and at 17:30 began wending their way through the city.

The Far Right Aims to Take Control of the European Union Next Year The past year has been a historically bad one for liberal democracy in Europe.

Will Emmanuel Macron help Theresa May save her Brexit deal? Theresa May will meet with Emmanuel Macron on Friday to discuss Brexit.

Jewish Groups Slam Episcopal Bishop for Spreading 'Blood Libel' An Episcopal bishop spread a "blood libel" against the Jewish state at the Episcopal Church's General Convention in July, according to CAMERA analyst Dexter Van Zile.

Gaza truce proposal would ease blockade, end fire balloon attacks - report Hamas leaders said to mull five-year, Egypt-backed ceasefire plan that could see international aid flowing into the beleaguered enclave.

Thursday, August 02, 2018


IAF kills 7 ISIS Militants 200 meters from Golan Heights border The ISIS members were 200 meters from the Israeli border, the army said.

Regev in east Jerusalem: Palestinians don't have deep roots here 'No matter how deep they dig, a Palestinian coin won't be found here,' culture minister says at launch ceremony for Yemenite heritage project in Silwan; on Nationality Law she adds, 'Only the Jewish people are entitled to national rights between the river and the sea.'

PM: Israel will help open narrow strait in Red Sea if Iran closes it In a multi-front confrontation, he said, "we'll be less selective, and the damage to our enemies will be more difficult. I hope they will take this into account."

ANALYSIS: Have Iranian forces withdrawn from the Israeli border in Syria? On Monday, the pro-Assad coalition in Syria finally finished off the last pockets of Islamist resistance along the Israeli border on the Golan Heights after a six-week-long campaign which included the 'liberation' of the Daraa and Kuneitra provinces in southwest Syria.

Iran gearing up for major drill threatening to shut Strait of Hormuz CNN says Islamic Revolutionary Guards readying for exercise, possibly with 48 hours, to demonstrate ability to shut waterway vital for international shipping, global energy supplies.

Brexit or Armageddon? Depends who you ask Brexit is looming and so is Armageddon, if you believe the headlines in Britain.

How defining anti-Semitism became a defining problem for the UK Labour party Leader Jeremy Corbyn is widely accused of tolerating or ignoring anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Israel speech, among other forms of Jew hatred.

Jeremy Corbyn Praised Hamas Terrorists as 'Brothers' on Iran State TV UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of giving his personal support to murderous anti-Israel Hamas terrorists who between them killed upwards of 600 people.

Media Comment: Is Our State Democratic? The law does not prevent the election of a non-Jewish prime minister. So what is the whole brouhaha about?

Netanyahu: If Iran tries to block Bab al-Mandeb, it will face a coalition with Israel in full military array Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned on Wednesday, Aug. 1, that Israel would be there if Iran tried to block the Red Sea's Bab al-Mandeb Straits.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018


Holocaust denial is not illegal in America, Facebook notes Zuckerberg's comments sparked concern among American Jewish organizations and prompted admonition from the German government, which reminded that Holocaust denial is against the law there.

Mike Huckabee dons hard hat, lays bricks for new West Bank settlement homes Former Arkansas governor and Trump confidant says US president would be thrilled to see Israeli construction over the Green Line; refers to Efrat as a 'bridge to peace'.

UK foreign secretary warns against messy EU divorce Britain's foreign secretary warned anew against a "messy divorce" with the European Union that could poison future relations as he visited Austria on Wednesday, bringing his message to the country that holds the EU's rotating presidency.

How Popular Is Iran in Lebanon? EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Iran's hard power in Lebanon is well-known.

Russian Envoy: Israel Agrees to Removal of Iranian Troops 85 KM from Golan New footage of Israeli strikes against Iranian targets in Syria released.

Trump heads for summit with Rouhani. Israel caught by surprise President Donald Trump said Tuesday night July 31: "I have a feeling they'll be talking to us pretty soon. And maybe not, and that's OK too."

Corbyn apologizes for comparing Israel to Nazis at 2010 gathering Corbyn is wrestling with accusations that his party has been tolerant of antisemitism among some of its members.

Belgian funded PA school still named after terrorist mass murderer PA ignores Belgian demands to change name, yet Belgian funding of the PA continues unabated.

Central African Republic: Russian journalists die in ambush Three journalists, believed to be Russians, have been killed in an ambush in the Central African Republic (CAR).

Erodgan: US remarks show 'Evangelist, Zionist mentality' As the crisis escalates between Turkey and the US over the trial of Christian pastor Andrew Brunson, who was charged with terror offenses and accused of involvement in the 2016 military coup, Erdogan slams Trump's 'unacceptable' threat of sanctions.