Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Palestinians Clash with Police on Temple Mount Amid Efforts to End Crisis The Palestinians entered the site, also known as the Gate of Mercy, despite reports that Israel and Jordan had reached understandings to end the crisis over the area.

Jordanians Give Substantial Control of the Temple Mount to Palestinians Jordan has expanded a council that administers Muslim institutions on the Temple Mount, giving Palestinians 40 percent of the seats for the first time in a body previously reserved for trusted individuals close to the monarchy of Jordanian King Abdullah Hussein.

Fatah: Israel 'playing with fire' on Temple Mount Fatah threatens violence if Israel does not open a gate leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

From A Locked Gate to a Synagogue at the Temple Mount After a Muslim pray-in at the Golden Gate along the eastern wall of the Temple Mount compound, towards the north, last Thursday, the police locked the entrance gate at the top of the stairs.

Morton Klein: Palestinian Culture Rewards and Glorifies Murdering Jews Though Israelis are scarcely surprised by the phenomenon of Palestinian terrorism, they were nonetheless sickened by the recent rape of a 19-year old girl, Ori Ansbacher, by Arafat Irfaiya, a 29-year old Palestinian Arab from Hebron.

World Council of Churches Exposed as Biased, Anti-Israeli Group - Report The World Council of Churches spent years gathering information on IDF operations, with activists masquerading as tourists.

Is Israel seeking war with Iran? Last week a summit with representatives from more than 60 countries met in Warsaw to discuss the Middle East.

Europe: Trying to Legitimize Iran's Regime "The E.U. only seems to care about the nuclear agreement and trade ties. It pretends that the regime is legitimate and that Iranians have no alternatives to living under tyranny". - Alireza Nader of New Iran, reported by Benjamin Weinthal, Fox News

Britain presses EU for Brexit compromise as clock ticks Britain's foreign secretary is telling a German audience that securing an orderly British departure from the European Union is "of paramount importance."

Catholic cardinals urge end of 'homosexual agenda' Two prominent Roman Catholic Church cardinals have urged an end of what they call "the plague of the homosexual agenda", telling bishops to break their complicity over cases of sexual abuse.