Wednesday, February 27, 2008


* Obama: Israel's security sacrosanct Senator Barack Obama on Tuesday night voiced unreserved support for Israel, but clashed with Senator Hillary Clinton over campaign tactics and the war in Iraq.

* Euro hits record high against dollar The euro climbed to a record high of $1.5070 in midmorning European trading on Wednesday as sentiment increased that the U.S. Federal Reserve would continue its rate cut campaign.

* IDF W. Bank chief: Hamas could take over in days "Without the massive IDF presence in the West Bank, Hamas would take over the institutions and apparatuses of the Palestinian Authority within days."

* US to seek end to Turkey assault US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said Turkish operations in northern Iraq must end as soon as possible.

* Abbas: Qaida, Hamas cooperating in Gaza Al-Qaida operatives are cooperating with Hamas in the Palestinian territories.

* Hamas Kids' TV Rabbit: We Will Kill the Danes A Hamas-run children's TV program aired recently encouraging hatred of Denmark, the West and Israel.

* Israel, Japan to cooperate in space research Israel and Japan signed a joint statement Wednesday, which includes Japanese support for the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, but no reference to Iran.

* Kenya opposition calls off protests Kenya's opposition has called off planned street protests intended to pressure the government into agreeing to a power-sharing deal.

* Gold Rises to Record; Silver at 27-Year High on Dollar's Slump Gold rose to records in London and New York and silver gained to a 27-year high as the dollar's all- time low spurred demand for precious metals as a hedge against inflation.

* Automated killer robots 'threat to humanity': expert Increasingly autonomous, gun-totting robots developed for warfare could easily fall into the hands of terrorists and may one day unleash a robot arms race.