Saturday, December 10, 2016


The Dragon of Islamic Terrorism  "The worst part of the dragon is in the tail." You do not have to know what it means; it gives off a spooky authority. 

The year of saving Jewish Jerusalem  Op-ed: "The united capital of the Jewish people" is a divided, bi-national city. 

Russia interfered in elections to help Trump win, CIA concludes  Agency indicates it's 'quite clear' Moscow's goal was to get him elected; president-elect mocks CIA as 'same people that said Saddam Hussein had WMDs'. 

Syria conflict: US urges 'grace' as Aleppo's fall nears  The US secretary of state has called on the Syrian government and its Russian backers to "show a little grace" as their forces close in on the remaining rebel-held area of the city of Aleppo. 

* 'Go ahead and cut my head off. It's ok. Cut my head off. I'm not racist.'  In honor of the conviction of Geert Wilders for 'hate speech,' here is a terrific short video from the anti-religious videomakers DarkMatter2525 that illustrates what I have pointed out for years: that charges of 'Islamophobia' are used to try to silence all opposition to jihad terror.

Arab World: Why hasn't the Iraqi army taken Mosul?  Casualties and urban warfare have slowed the anti-ISIS offensive, but comparisons to US and Israeli campaigns show it's no surprise. 

Is the Tunisian revolt about to be replayed in Morocco?  Despite similarities to the Tunisian scenario, protests over the horrific death of a fishmonger are unlikely to expand into a broader challenge to the regime. 

Qatari Writer: Religious Extremism Existed 'Throughout Islamic History‚' Fanaticism has accompanied Arab societies throughout Islamic history and is not a new phenomenon, but today the media, the left and Islamic preachers are blaming its rise on wild conspiracy theories, a Qatari law professor said. 

Watch What Iran Does, But Also Listen To What They Say  "Death to America" chants are still reverberating loudly in Tehran. 

Do chemical weapons in Syria threaten Israel?  Among the most horrifying aspects of the five-year-old Syrian civil war was Assad's use of chemical weapons, including the massive August 2013 sarin gas attack that killed more than 1,400 civilians.