Thursday, April 25, 2013


* IDF shoots down Hezbollah drone off Haifa coast Israeli F-16 fighter jets downed a drone off of Haifa's coastline at around 1:30 pm Thursday.

* Tehran mayor: Holocaust denial damaged Iran Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust has harmed Iran's foreign relations.

* Lebanese Youth Sign Up for 'Jihad' Against Hizbullah Lebanese youth from the city of Saida, south of Beirut, began on Wednesday to sign up for "armed Jihad in Syria".

* 'Russia, US must work on security after Boston' Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday the Boston bombing proved his tough line on insurgents in the North Caucasus was justified.

* Ex-Hezbollah leader: Iran told us to join Syrian war Iran pressed Hezbollah fighters to join the civil war in Syria to bolster President Bashar Assad's armed struggle.

* US has 'some confidence' Syria used chemical weapons US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has said American intelligence believes "to some degree of varying confidence" that Syria has used chemical weapons.

* Iraq police and gunmen die in Mosul clashes Sunni protests erupted on Tuesday when the army raided an anti-government protest camp in Hawija, near Kirkuk.

* Egypt Marks 31 Years since Return of Sinai Egypt is celebrating the 31 year anniversary of the day it received the Sinai Peninsula back from Israel, in the peace treaty between the two countries.

* Just how anti-Semitic are British politicians? Cruising down the highway in his Jaguar on Christmas day 2007, Nazir Ahmed was distracted.

* New App Warns Drivers: Arab Mob Ahead Only in Israel: a new app for android phones lets drivers know if they are about to drive into a mob of Arabs armed with firebombs and rocks.