Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Unprecedented: Gov't to allow Muslims from West Bank, Gaza to observe Ramadan on Temple Mount As part of policy to improve Palestinians' quality of life, hundreds permitted to visit families in territories, overseas, and attend Friday prayers at Al-Aksa Mosque.

Putin: Russia to boost nuclear arsenal with 40 missiles President Vladimir Putin has said Russia will put more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles into service this year. .

IDF Declares 'Closed Military Zone' in Golan along Syrian Border Area in north-eastern Golan shut off as IDF says it is following Syrian fighting; security services say move meant to prevent interference.

US Congress Resolution to Target Rampant Palestinian Incitement Resolution to the House details PA anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement in violation of 'Oslo II,' and demands actions to counter it.

Nazi Propaganda Continues to Influence Germany: Study Survey finds 5% of Germans 'extremely' anti-Semitic, doubles with Germans who lived through the Nazi regime.

MKs call each other 'terrorist' and 'fascist' during Temple Mount parley MK Zohar: Stopping discussion of discrimination against Jewish worshipers is giving Arab MKs what they want; Yehuda Glick: Arab MKs acting like hostile Arabs on Mount who try to scare Jews away.

US’s Orthodox Union supports freedom of prayer for Jews on Temple Mount "We urge all parties involved to abide by the law and by current regulations at the Temple Mount to reduce tensions at this volatile holy site," says Peace Now.

IDF to Establish New Cyber Command Chief of Staff announces that IDF will form a cyber command to combat new challenges in online warfare.

Turkey Accuses Kurds of 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Syria Deputy PM Bulent Arinc turns tables on fight against ISIS, claims it's Kurds who are 'ethnic cleansing' to create autonomous state.

France's Le Pen announces new far-right bloc in EU parliament Far-right parties from France, Italy and the Netherlands claimed on Monday that they will create a new anti-EU group in the European Parliament. If it is formed, it will be the second Eurosceptic grouping in the parliament.