Monday, December 28, 2015


* Fatah could return to armed attacks on Israelis, PA source warns - Palestinian Authority source says current wave of unorganized violence is hard to stop, youth disillusioned over prospects for a state.

* "The only country ISIS fears in the Middle East is Israel" - German journalist who spent days with ISIS told the 'Jewish News' that the jihadist group "knows the Israeli army is too strong for them."

* Captured ISIS fighter says "trained in Turkey, ISIS thinks it’s safer here than Syria" - Turkey is training Islamic State terrorists in a camp disguised as a training ground for the Free Syrian Army, a 20-year-old jihadist captured by the Kurdish YPG told Sputnik.

* Syrian official pledges attacks from inside Golan - Provincial official tells Iranian media of cooperation between 'resistance' terror against Israel, from both sides of the Golan Heights.

* Iraq declares Ramadi liberated from Islamic State - The Iraqi city of Ramadi has been "liberated" from so-called Islamic State, the Iraqi military has declared.

* Palestinian Authority leaders to discuss cutting ties with Israel - “There will be decisive and important decisions regarding all forms of ties with the occupation, including security and political relations,” says senior PLO official Saeb Erekat.

* "Department of Slaves" and other ISIS horrors revealed in documents seized by US - In the self-made bureaucracy, the seized documents show how ISIS deals with "war spoils" such as slaves and natural resources.

* Syria war: Zabadani rebels evacuated in besieged villages deal - Hundreds of fighters and civilians in three besieged parts of Syria have been evacuated under a truce deal brokered by the United Nations.

* Saudi Grand Mufti says ISIS are "Israeli soldiers" - Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Asheikh calls ISIS threats against Israel a 'lie,' claiming the jihadists are 'part of the Israeli soldiers.'

* Breitbart Jerusalem Exclusive Q&A with Gaza’s Latest Iran-Backed Terrorist Group - Breitbart Jerusalem conducted an exclusive interview with a leader of the up-and-coming Iran-backed militia in the Gaza Strip, calling itself Al-Sabireen.