Tuesday, April 02, 2019


Netanyahu Announces Putin Visit Just After Phone Call on Syria Both the Prime Minister's Office and the Kremlin confirmed Tuesday that that a brief working meeting would now be held between the two leaders, just five days before the April 9th Israelis elections.

Brexit's Message to European Union The first problem with the EU is that, though it is called a union, it isn't really one. The EU is essentially an economic club; not a state.

Turkey's Erdogan Faces Uphill Battle to Stay in Power The party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lost power in Ankara, the country's capital, and possibly Istanbul, the country's largest city.

Rising European Nationalism: Will the EU be Changed Forever? Anti EU, populist, nationalist parties - have been on the march across Europe in recent years.

Netanyahu & Putin meet urgently over Iran's new command hub in Aleppo The removal from Damascus to Aleppo of Iran's IRGC command HQ brings Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu' to Moscow on Thursday, April 4, for an urgent meeting with President Vladimir Putin - five days before Israel's general election - to reset their coordination arrangements.

Viral Video Accuses Sanhedrin of Bringing Anti-Christ An interview with the spokesman for the Sanhedrin was twisted into an evil conspiracy theory claiming that the Jewish elders are working to bring the Antichrist.

Stop Iran From Going Nuclear "Thank God, the tests on the IR4 and IR2M (centrifuges) have been completed.

Abbas to Arab League: Trump will let Israel annex parts of Judea and Samaria At Arab League summit, Palestinian Authority president says U.S. giving Israel green light to annex parts of Judea, Samaria.

Will truce between Hamas, Israel last until election day? A truce seems to have taken a tentative hold between Hamas and Israel, at least as of April 1.

Islamic Jihad readying for attack on Gaza border, Israeli intelligence says Israel forces have identified unusual activity on the Gaza-Israel border by members of the terror group Islamic Jihad, Israel Hayom reports.