Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Status Quo? The Dome of the Rock was Built for Jews In final installment of 3-part series on the Temple Mount, we take a look at a lesser-known aspect of the history of the Dome of the Rock.

Iran Threatens to Flood Gaza With 'Millions' of Iranian Fighters Head of Iranian government's Basij paramilitary force claims 'millions' of volunteers have applied to fight in Gaza and Syria.

Is Mahmoud Abbas to blame for the recent terror attacks? After synagogue bloodbath, many world leaders joined Israel in condemning incitement and pointing at PA chief, though Shin Bet says he isn't responsible.

Police Make it Official: Intifada 2014 Samaria victim of Arab ambush discovers on police report that the recent terror attacks are defined as 'Intifada 2014.'

Abbas and Fatah show their true colors... in Arabic In Arabic, Abbas and his Fatah cronies continue inciting against "the Israeli occupation army" and encouraging the use by any means to accomplish the Palestinian objective of "liberating Palestine."

Walt Disney considering opening first Disney World in Middle East Discussions are underway between Egypt, Disney International to open the park, according to country's investment minister.

Analysis: Abbas, forced by Kerry, condemns synagogue attack Besides Abbas, no senior Palestinian official in Ramallah was prepared to issue a condemnation.

UK 'to lead moon landing' funded by public contributions A British-led consortium has outlined its plans to land a robotic probe on the Moon in 10 years' time.

Jerusalem attack: Synagogue reopens for worshippers Worshippers have returned to the synagogue in Jerusalem that on Tuesday was the scene of a deadly attack.

Supra-national border guard system on EU radar The European Commission is looking into long-term plans to create an entirely new EU boarder guard service with an independent command and control centre.