Monday, November 24, 2014


US defence secretary Chuck Hagel resigns Chuck Hagel has resigned as US defence secretary after less than two years in the top military post.

Congress Unanimously Condemns Iran Human Rights Abuses House resolution highlights abuse of women , minorities, bi-cameral opposition to any 'bad' Obama-Iran nuclear deal.

Chilling Video Documents ISIS Child Training Camps Islamic State terrorist group publishes shocking propaganda video showing how it is raising the 'next generation' of killers.

Watch: Jordanian MP Calls for Terrorism Against 'Filthy Jews' While Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu bends over backwards to meet Jordanian demands, MPs less worried about treaty.

Netanyahu: Lack of Iran deal gives chance to stiffen economic sanctions "This result is better, a lot better," PM tells BBC, in response to news the Vienna talks were likely to break off and resume next month.

Oil price slide and sanctions 'cost Russia $140bn' The falling oil price is costing Russia up to $100bn a year, while Western sanctions have hit the country by $40bn, its finance minister has said.

Ukraine to hold Nato vote when membership criteria are met Ukraine will hold a referendum on joining Nato once it has met certain criteria for membership, President Petro Poroshenko has said.

Glick leaves hospital: The staff who treated me are real Muslims, not the man who shot me Less than a month after being seriously hurt in assassination attempt, Temple Mount activist leaves hospital.

The Abusive Brainwashing of Palestinian Children In what many have previously likened to a form of child abuse, many Palestinian Arab children from the youngest ages are taught to hate and to seek out violent confrontation with Israeli Jews.

EU parliament to vote on Palestine statehood The European Parliament will in Strasbourg on Thursday (27 November) add its voice to the debate on whether EU states should recognise Palestine.