Friday, May 11, 2012


* Security and Defense: The war between wars "The war between wars." This is the term that IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz uses to describe the covert operations that the military's special forces carry out during times of apparent quiet.

* Ashton hopes new talks will end Iran's nuke program The European Union's foreign policy chief said on Friday she hoped upcoming talks with Iran would form the basis for Tehran to eventually abandon its alleged nuclear weapons program.

* Arab World: Assad's Russian lifeline The port of Oktyabrsk is situated on the left bank of the Bug River, 58 km. north of the entry to the Black Sea.

* Earthquake rocks Israel An earthquake was felt across Israel on Friday evening. No injuries or damage were immediately reported.

* Egypt candidates vow to review Israel treaty Egyptian presidential hopefuls Amr Moussa and Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh traded barbs about their past in a debate.

* Obama gay marriage remarks spark debate among Israeli MKs, ministers Comments by U.S. President Barack Obama in support of same-sex marriage in an ABC News interview on Wednesday have sparked debate in among Israeli ministers and MKs, and also among U.S. Jewish groups.

* Israel Not Invited to NATO's Chicago Summit Israel will not be invited to NATO's May 20-21 summit in Chicago.

* Germany: eurozone would survive Greek exit German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble has said the eurozone would survive if Greece left it.

* EU, Iraq sign first-ever partnership deal The European Union and Iraq signed their first partnership agreement Friday.

* Obama makes it clear: He wants a secular, post-Christian, homosexual America President Obama has made it official: He now supports same-sex marriage.