Wednesday, June 06, 2012


* 'Iran clearly developing nuclear weapons program' Iran is undoubtedly working on a nuclear program for military purposes, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

* End of the road for Iraq's leader? When news surfaced at the end of last week that a majority of Iraq’s lawmakers had signed a letter demanding a no-confidence vote against Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, it looked like the days of the embattled leader were numbered.

* Kaspersky: 'Flame' just the tip of the iceberg Eugene Kaspersky, whose lab discovered the Flame virus that has attacked computers in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East, said on Wednesday only a global effort could stop a new era of "cyber terrorism".

* Pentagon chief Panetta defends Pakistan drone strikes Mr Panetta said the US had made it "very clear that we are going to continue to defend ourselves".

* Barak acknowledges Israel's cyber offensive for first time Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday acknowledged Israel's offensive cyberspace operations for the first time.

* Venus makes rare trek across Sun The transit was a very rare astronomical event that would not be seen again for another 105 years.

* Netanyahu: 300 New Families to Join Beit El Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a special statement Wednesday regarding the impending demolition of the Givat HaUlpana neighborhood.

* High hopes pinned on new Jerusalem tourism website Tourism in Jerusalem is set to move into the 21st century with the introduction of the Jerusalem Municipality’s official travel website,

* Rampant corruption is aggravating EU crisis Corruption and lack of transparency are endemic throughout the EU, with direct links to the economic crisis.

* Iraq to the United States: Give us back our Torahs and Talmuds The United States has taken hold of 90 percent of Iraq’s national archives, and is refusing to return thousands of precious Jewish documents and manuscripts, Iraqi government officials are claiming.