Tuesday, September 15, 2009


* Clash Over 'Islamization' at DC Muslim Prayer Rally A new organization dedicated to fighting what it sees as an encroaching Islamic takeover of the U.S. is set to launch later this month with a gathering in Washington, D.C.

* Mitchell makes last push on settlements Washington's special Mideast envoy launched a last-ditch push Tuesday to wring an Israeli promise to curtail settlement construction and persuade the Palestinians to attend a high-profile US meeting meant as a prelude to peacemaking.

* Anniversary of Creation Heralds Countdown to New Year Jews gathered at the Western Wall in the wee hours of Monday morning, and more flocked to the mystical Galilee village of Meron later in the day.

* EU countries practice 'secret' diplomacy, Hamas says High-ranking officials from European countries hold talks with Hamas on a weekly basis despite an EU ban on diplomatic contact.

* EU: Iran meeting likely in Turkey Talks on Iran's nuclear program will likely be held in Turkey and full US participation may lead to progress in the negotiations.

* 'We are carefully monitoring s. Lebanon' Despite the Katyusha attacks on Israel over the weekend from southern Lebanon and evidence of ongoing Hizbullah efforts to rearm in possible preparation for a future confrontation with Israel.

* US warns against forgetting Iraq The senior American commander in Iraq has told the BBC that he is concerned that the country will be forgotten, amid the current focus on Afghanistan.

* Fight Nights and Reggae Pack Brazilian Churches A growing evangelical movement in Brazil is attracting young people by adopting their culture.

* US worried about Venezuelan arms buildup A U.S. official said Monday that Venezuelan arms acquisitions could spark an arms race in Latin America and he also expressed misgivings about the country's possible nuclear ambitions.

* Stop Ahmadinejad Movement Hits New York The World Jewish Congress and other activists are planning a mass demonstration in New York.