Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Netanyahu Warns Iran, Hamas of 'Tremendous Firepower' of Israeli Air Force IAF Commander Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin says Israeli jets have been operating on five fronts in recent months.

Al-Aqsa Mosque rally: Muslims screaming "Allahu akbar" vow to kill Trump, "cut off tongues that support peace" Yet mainstream analysts still insist that Trump disrupted the peace process.

Iran votes to declare Jerusalem 'everlasting capital of Palestine' Resolution passes unanimously in Tehran parliament, weeks after US president recognizes city as Israel's capital.

Turkey's Erdogan Calls Syria's Assad a Terrorist, Says Impossible to Continue With Him "Assad is definitely a terrorist who has carried out state terrorism," Erdogan told a televised news conference.

Rev Guards repair Syria's Deir ez-Zour-Palmyra road - first link in Iran's new transnational land corridor Repairs are underway on the war-ravaged 200km long M20 road linking Deir Ez-Zour in eastern Syrian to Palmyra.

Fatah Leader Calls for 'Popular Resistance' for Group's 53rd Birthday Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki said that "Trump's decision regarding Jerusalem killed any possibility of celebrating this year."

Jerusalem: Israel plans 'Trump station' near Western Wall Israel's transport minister wants to dig a railway tunnel under Jerusalem's Old City and name a station next to the Western Wall after Donald Trump.

Ukraine crisis: Exchange of hundreds of prisoners takes place Ukraine and separatist rebels in the east of the country have exchanged hundreds of prisoners, in one of the biggest swaps since the conflict began in 2014.

China alarmed over Japan's alleged plan to put F-35B jets on carriers China has warned Japan not to contravene its post-World War II peace commitment and stick to an "exclusive defense" policy.

ISIS vows New Year's Eve attacks, says "We're going to fight until we rule the whole world by the Sharia" "ISIS Promises to Kill Drunk People Celebrating New Year's Eve Around the World In First Video From Somalia," by Tom O'Connor, Newsweek, December 26, 2017.