Wednesday, October 14, 2009


* Russia may revise use of nuclear weapons in new military doctrine Russia's new military doctrine will contain some changes to the situations that could trigger the use of nuclear weapons or preventive strikes against potential foes.

* Israeli Firm Patents Unmanned Helicopter Muslim terrorists' newest nightmare? Steadicopter, an Israeli company, has developed an unmanned helicopter using patented technology that enables the chopper to stay stable while airborne.

* Fayad: We won't take Mickey Mouse state Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayad on Wednesday called the demilitarized Palestinian state envisioned by Israel "a Mickey Mouse state."

* New flying reptile fossils found Researchers in China and the UK say they have discovered the fossils of a new type of flying reptile that lived more than 160 million years ago.

* Syria: We held exercise with Turkey Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of using phosphorous bombs on Gaza's children.

* Berlusconi backs Blair for EU job Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has endorsed Tony Blair as his preferred candidate to be president of the European Union.

* Officials: Hizbullah hiding arms in homes Thousands of weapons caches have been placed in homes scattered in 160 villages in southern Lebanon.

* Parliament chief reminds EU of historical facts on Stalin The Polish head of the EU parliament on Wednesday (14 October) underlined some basic facts about Joseph Stalin at an event held in the context of mounting historical revisionism in Russia.

* Putin warns against intimidating Iran Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday warned major powers against intimidating Iran.

* Klaus keeps EU guessing on future of Lisbon Treaty The Czech constitutional court will hear a challenge to the EU's Lisbon Treaty at the end of October.