Monday, May 16, 2011


* Netanyahu: Israel willing to cede "parts of our homeland" for true peace Prime Minister tells Knesset that a Palestinian government including Hamas is no partner for peace.

* Egypt police fire at rally outside Israel Embassy Protestors set fire to Israeli flag, call for Israeli ambassador's expulsion. At least 185 arrested

* Netanyahu Adds Settlement Blocs to Peace Conditions Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu laid down five conditions for a peace treaty with the Palestinian Authority Arabs.

* US blames Syria for violence; UN condemns Israel White House stresses Israel has right to defend itself, while UN rep claims IDF used disproportionate force

* Syrian Border Violence May Hold Message for Israel For 37 years the border between Israel and Syria, still technically at war, has proven as quiet as any of the Arab-Israeli frontiers silenced by peace agreements.

* Iran president takes over oil ministry temporarily Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he has temporarily assumed the duties of the oil ministry, as the oil cartel OPEC prepares for a biannual meeting in Vienna.

* Palestinian nakba protests turn deadly. Israel sees Iran's fingerprints. Eight people were reportedly killed in separate incidents along Israel's borders with both Syria and Lebanon during the Palestinians' annual nakba protest against Israel.

* Americans Fear Terror will Survive Bin Laden Americans may be happy their soldiers killed Osama Bin Laden but a new poll shows they think that his elimination will have “no impact” on worldwide terrorism.

* Hamas and Fatah begin talks on new Palestinian unity government The discussions center on the make-up of an interim government unifying the Fatah-run West Bank with the Gaza Strip controlled by Hamas, and on preparations for a general election within a year.

* Member states responsible for EU single voice abroad The EU's ability to speak with one voice on foreign policy is ultimately dependent on member states, with the European External Action Service to act as a "facilitator".