Thursday, July 25, 2019


The Middle East Without Erdogan Could Lead to Prophesied Turkey-Russia Confrontation in End-of-Days Two days ago, rumors spread like wildfire on the internet that Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan died from a sudden heart attack and that his death was being concealed from the public.

How Israel has contained Iran by using Syria as a battleground Israel has managed to contain Iranian ambitions in the Middle East due to their military involvement in Syria, a former IDF General has revealed.

Iran's Worst Fear: Israel Sending F-35s Over Their Airspace (Some Say It Happened) So who to believe? Occam's razor says go with the simplest explanation, which is that the episode never happened.

Things are heating up between Israel and Hezbollah in the Golan - Analysis The past week alone saw two deadly attacks against Iranian proxies in southern Syria attributed to Israel.

Why Iran Wants to Get Bombed Rarely has a foreign country seemed so eager to get bombed by the United States as Iran does right now.

Findings from tabernacle period discovered in ancient Shiloh 3,000-year-old seal recently discovered at excavations in ancient Shiloh in Binyamin. 'Proof our our ties to the land of the Bible.'

Radicalization of Kids: A Global Threat The issue of child radicalization has become a global horror-show....very few people are willing to speak about the dangers of the radicalization of youths.

Jordan's Double Game with Israel Despite 25 years of formal peace, many in Jordan regard Israel as an illicit enemy state.

UK's Boris Johnson promises new 'golden age' as he makes his first speech in Parliament British Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered his first speech in the Parliament on Thursday, promising to unleash a "new golden age for the United Kingdom" and leaving the European Union by the Oct. 31 deadline.

Iraqi Cardinal Sako Warns of 'Christianophobia' in Europe Europe must rediscover its Christian heritage and not be afraid of promoting openly Christian values, said Iraqi Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako in an interview this week.