Monday, December 31, 2012


New year revellers welcoming 2013 Celebrations are being held around the world to mark the new year, with the city of Auckland in New Zealand holding the first major event of 2013.

PM reiterates support for demilitarized Palestinian state Contrary to claims by top Likud candidates, Netanyahu stands behind his words in Bar-Ilan speech, says spokesman, but priority is dealing with Hamas, Iranian threats.

London could make EU 'unravel' An attempt by Britain to rewrite the EU rulebook to reflect domestic interests could make the European Union fall apart, its top official has warned.

Israel Now Has 6 Million Jews The number of Israeli Jews passed the emotional 6 million mark in November, and the total population will pass 8 million in February.

Iran Stages 'Cyber Warfare Drill' Iran has combined cyber warfare tactics and maritime war games in a drill for the first time as it stages maneuvers in the Strait of Hormuz.

Video: Paratroopers Prepare for War on Terror IDF releases video clip featuring special training drill which included live fire and practicing urban warfare.

Sinai tribes threaten civil disobedience over new regulations on border with Israel Egypt's defense minister bans Bedouins from working narrow strip of land as part of ongoing effort to thwart terrorism.

Two-thirds of Israelis support peace with Palestinians that ensures security, polls find 67% of respondents say they would support two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, with land swaps and a demilitarized Palestine.

Officials: Assad Isolating Himself Fearing Assassination Syrian President Assad is focusing on his personal safety, avoiding contact with others and moving to a different bedroom every night.

Study: Christianity disappearing from Mideast UK Christianophobia report states Christians in Middle East face persecution 'intensifying with rise of militant Islam'; in Israel, however, Christian population is thriving.