Tuesday, February 28, 2012


* Israel won't warn U.S. before Iran strike Israeli officials say they won't warn the U.S. if they decide to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

* Hizbullah's Demands, Schools Teach 'Resistance' Hizbullah and its allies have 'taken advantage' of their role in the government in order to force public schools and the Lebanese University to dedicate a one-hour session for teaching the history of 'Resistance'.

* Rep. West Warns of 'Holocaust' Rep. Allen West, a Republican from the state of Florida, warned that Israel could become the site of a "second Holocaust" if the United States does not take further actions.

* Arab MKs: Harming al-Aqsa will lead to global jihad Right wing Knesset Members on Sunday attacked Arab-Israeli lawmakers for taking part in the International Conference for Defense of Jerusalem.

* Al Qaida in Iraq: 'No way out of' coming civil war with Shi'ites Al Qaida in Iraq has taken responsibility for a series of strikes against Shi'ite targets.

* Louis Farrakhan warns of racial hatred that could lead to attempts to kill President Obama In a fiery lecture to thousands of followers of the Nation of Islam on Sunday in Chicago, Minister Louis Farrakhan warned that racial hatred could lead to attempts to assassinate President Barack Obama.

* Kenyan airstrikes drive al-Shabab terrorists from Somalia strongholds After months of delay often bogged down in muddy fields, Kenyan troops are finding their footing to become a valuable asset in the fight against al-Shabab terrorists in Somalia.

* Van Rompuy: National parliaments are EU institutions Tasked with approving bail-outs, national budgets and labour market policies which can affect the stability of the eurozone, national parliaments are similar to European institutions.

* Internet radicalizes U.S. Muslims quickly Young American Muslims can become radicalized online very quickly and with few warning signs, becoming potential terrorists before federal agencies can identify them.

* War games: Tel Aviv missile drill Security officials are taking the threat of long-range rockets being fired at central Israel from the Gaza Strip seriously.