Wednesday, January 18, 2012


* European envoys: Blacklist Israeli settlers The heads of European Union delegations to the Palestinian Authority have drafted a document with harsh recommendations meant to strengthen the PA's control over east Jerusalem.

* IDF holds first brigade-level parachute jump in 15 years In preparation for future conflicts far from Israel, the IDF Paratroopers Brigade held a brigade-level parachute jump late Tuesday night.

* Thousands in Jerusalem protest racism against Ethiopian Israelis Some 5,000 people were demonstrating in Jerusalem on Wednesday in protest of the racism against Ethiopian immigrants in Israel.

* Russia defends mystery Syria shipment Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday defended Russia's trade with Syria.

* Iran oil, gold and banks on EU hitlist An oil embargo from 1 July, a partial ban on the central bank and a prohibition on trade in gold and gems are among the latest EU ideas on how to stop Iran building nuclear bombs.

* Did Israel postpone joint drill with US? The postponement of a major US-Israel drill planned for the coming weeks was initiated by Jerusalem.

* Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Mashaal to Step Down Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal will step down this year when the group's elections take place.

* Israel Chastises Britain for 'Obstacle to Peace' British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's charge that settlements are "deliberate vandalism" creates an obstacle to peace.

* Sopa: Sites go dark as part of anti-piracy law protests Thousands of internet sites are taking part in a "blackout" protest against anti-piracy laws being discussed by US lawmakers.

* Parliament worried new treaty divides Europe As negotiations on a new inter-governmental agreement on fiscal discipline reach the final stage, MEPs have warned that it risks dividing Europe and widening the democratic gap.