Tuesday, March 27, 2012


* Two million set for 'March on Jerusalem' Friday, organizer claims Israel has urged neighboring states not to let participants reach its borders.

* Barghouti calls for third intifada and cutting ties with Israel Jailed Palestinian leader urges civil resistance and total economic boycott as well as a new UN campaign.

* 'Prepare for Ops You Read About in Books' -- Paratroopers Told "The Israeli nation is in a constant state of battle, and we may have to undertake operations of the kind we've only read about in books," Paratroopers Brigade Commander, Col. Amir Baram, told his soldiers.

* World leaders: Nuclear terrorism a 'grave threat' World leaders have called for closer co-operation to tackle the threat of nuclear terrorism at a summit on nuclear security in Seoul.

* 'Next round of escalation with Gaza will be more violent' The next confrontation between Israel and Palestinian terror organizations in the Gaza Strip will be "more violent" than previous rounds.

* Liberals, Islamists tussle over Egypt constitution Egyptian liberals and leftists wary of Islamist dominance of an assembly drafting a new constitution said on Tuesday they would write their own.

* Syria accepts UN peace plan but bloodshed persists Syria has accepted a peace plan by U.N. envoy Kofi Annan that includes a cease-fire by the Syrian government.

* Medvedev blasts Romney for 'number-one foe' remark Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has rebuked US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for saying Russia is the "number one geopolitical foe" of the US.

* 'US understands Iran can't proceed like N. Korea' Intelligence Affairs Minister Dan Meridor said Tuesday that the United States understands that Iran cannot be allowed to proliferate nuclear weapons despite sanctions against it.

* EU rebuke masks ongoing divisions on Irsael The EU's mild rebuke of Israel over its avowed boycott of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR) masks the fact that several member states sympathise with Israel's view.